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In-depth, accurate and informative, Marqui Management’s Business Journal is a highly targeted online resource that business decision makers rely on to provide the marketing and business information they need to stay on top.

Emerging experts will reach potential customers that need their services, have purchasing power and recognize the Business Journal as a credible and reliable source of information.

Meet The Authors

Our Business Journal was created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders. Marqui Management provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features, and comment on the latest business issues executives and management level positions are faced with.

Marqui Management’s Business Journal is a group effort. Some of our authors are well known; others may be new names to you. In either case, they are all skilled, qualified writers in their respective fields. The important point is that each one of them has donated their time and talents to make a meaningful contribution to your growth.

Each contributing author is here because they have something very special to offer. The purpose of this journal is to introduce you to these thought leaders and influencers who have made this project possible. For a more in-depth business profile on each author just use the “Author’s Page” link to view their dedicated business profile. We encourage you to visit their profiles, check out their work, and get to know them better.

Article topics include:

  • New Venture Creation and Venture Financing
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Studies of Enterprise Creation
  • Minority Issues in Small Biz. / Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate and Non-Profit Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Business Performance Management
  • Leadership

Research topics include:

  • Small Business Strategy and Organization
  • Franchising and Small Business
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Education
  • New Venture Creation and Venture Capital
  • Small Enterprise Governance and Agency
  • Small Business Technology and Innovation
  • Research Methods

Emerging experts speak on past practices, current thinking, best practices and future insights into the ever-expanding world of marketing and business management.

Our dedicated business profiles on these emerging experts, help readers learn more about upcoming prominent people and movers and shakers in the business community.

This information serves as a tailwind for business growth through the dissemination of fair, accurate and in-depth business news to provide a useful vehicle for business people to share information and ideas.

Some of the most important, exciting, and useful innovations in marketing and business management today come from our community of readers.  So that’s where we center our coverage, but we also keep you in close touch with proprietary software innovations, hardware advances, human resource trends, and other areas where knowledge not only of today’s news but of what the future may hold is crucial for anyone who values his or her position as an industry leader.

As top-level managers and investors seeking to spot emerging trends that can increase the efficiencies within their enterprise,  this vital information is for you.

As leaders in the emerging disciplines of entrepreneurship, business, and marketing, our readers are impacting how we think about, conduct research on, design social policy around, and interact business to business and business to consumer. They are extending our field of knowledge and reshaping the discipline to reflect the opportunities and demands of this Century and possibly beyond.

Business Journal Inquiries

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