When it comes to cultivating the future of young business professionals we feel that playing an active role in our industry’s community is a top priority.

At Marqui Management two of our six core values are vision and innovation. We believe the best future will come from a generation of confident, young people who can work toward a prosperous and equitable society.

Young students will move into a changing world of work and must lead this change. In doing so, they will need to develop skills and be confident about their knowledge, making them innovative and change-makers.

We hope to continue offering our scholarship to young students for years to come—please read ahead to find out more on the contest’s requirements, deadlines, and more.

To enter for a chance to receive this $1000 scholarship you just have to write a short 500-word essay. Full details can be found below:


You are eligible to apply for this $1000 scholarship if you meet one of the below requirements.

  • A high school senior that has been accepted into a college or university
  • A current college student that is not in their final year.


To apply for the $1000 Marqui Management Scholarship please write a 500-word essay on the following topic: “What is one tip that you learned that you feel will help you become a leading voice for the next generation”?

  • Please don’t make your essay too formal
  • Focus more on innovation and creativity

Application Process

Please completely fill out the form below. By submitting your application for this scholarship you are giving Marqui Management permission to use your name and essay for marketing and promotional purposes.

Submission Deadline

January 31st, 2019

Please be prepared by having this information available prior to starting to complete the online application.

  • Transcript
  • SAT/ACT Test scores
  • Essays
  • List of activities and achievements
  • Family information

Winner Selection

A winner will be selected by the scholarship committee in February 2019.

One award of $1000 will be granted to the top essay submitted, and up to four other students may receive awards for their submissions.

Once contacted the winner will have two weeks to respond to the scholarship can be awarded to their school’s financial aid department.