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There are always challenges facing business owners; some may be industry-specific; some may be economic or broader social issues.

As entrepreneurs, we can learn from lots of different sources, but talking one on one to people who are already successful is hard to beat. The Business Journal is a blog for interviews with entrepreneurs.

Initially founded by D’Vaughn Bell, Marqui Management exists to show businesses how they can combine superb design, the internet, and other mediums to create a compelling brand and improve efficiency.

With a passion for helping those in the business community, Marqui Management jumped at the opportunity to take and develop its Business Journal and Marqui Monthly newsletter, which will continue to grow and provide new features to help its readers as they create a new era of business.

Emerging Experts allow our readers to gain a fresh perspective on the industry, new ideas, and management insight from the expertise of business leaders our researchers find online.

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Insights & Inspiration

Marqui Management is an established firm of marketing experts; we’re always finding new ways to reach emerging experts with future leadership capabilities to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge.


As an Emerging Expert you gain access to our targeted audience of business professionals, c-level executives, entrepreneurs, management level employees and all from marketing, tech, finance, legal and other emerging markets.

Other benefits include access to seminars, luncheons, conferences, webinars, networking events and more whether you become a member or not.

Why Become A Thought Leader?

Today, many people self-claim the title of thought leader but lack the expertise or authority to back its term. The value of thought leadership cultivates the work environment, leadership skills, reduces anxiety in taking big steps, helps focus future leaders on achieving their goals and is paramount to success.

As a Recognized Thought Leader by Marqui Management, you earn the capability for clients and colleagues to realize your value.

  • Clients can learn they’ve partnered with someone who possesses the right skills but is also willing to share their hard-earned success and wisdom.
  • Colleagues can see the value in your voice which could lead to further press related and networking opportunities.

8 Thought Leaders Benefits:

  1. Gain invaluable knowledge and experience to advance your career
  2. Enhance your confidence
  3. Challenge yourself to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels
  4. Receive Individual recognition, encouragement and professional advice
  5. Learn/enhance leadership and interpersonal skills
  6. Gain an insider’s perspective on navigating your career
  7. Exposure to diverse perspectives, experiences, and resources
  8. Grow your personal/business network

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