Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Education

Artificial intelligence (AI), defined as intelligent systems shown by machines, has several applications in the modern society. In particular, it is artificial intelligence, which is used for various activities, including online recommendation, medical diagnosis, e-mail marketing, automated trading platforms, robotic control, and so on. Computer science has developed an artificial intelligence that can be used in a variety of applications including computer security, weather prediction, stock trading, web content management, speech recognition, web augmented reality, autonomous operation, and many more.

The first artificial intelligence application was a system used in the Internet; it is referred to as search engine spider. This system extracts information from web pages and indexes them based on keywords. As more keywords are entered into the system, the more relevance its results will have. The spider also analyzes the document and returns what it deems as relevant. Search engine spiders are used not only by humans but also by various applications. To ensure high relevancy of its results, these applications make use of machine learning.

Machine learning refers to studying algorithms that can be programmed to achieve a specific goal, such as speech recognition, product classification, natural language processing, and machine intelligence. Algorithms can take different forms; they can be computer programs or a collection of instructions or data that enables a computer to operate. The development of an artificial intelligence system involves using artificial intelligence concepts that are meant to enable computers to operate upon the information they have been fed. Algorithms take the form of a set of rules or a mathematical model meant to solve a problem and achieve an intended result.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the many applications of artificial intelligence. This term was coined in 1980 by John McCarthy. His idea was that people can learn how to communicate using natural languages like conversations rather than through complex written procedures. NLP includes application to speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, thought management, conversation analysis, picture comprehension, web searching, response generation, artificial intelligence eLearning, voice recognition, decision making, and many more. The systems can also help users improve their memory, enhance reasoning abilities, solve complex problems, and build applications superior to human programmers.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses must maintain a competitive edge over their competitors. Automation is the best way to achieve this. Automatic systems reduce the human resources required for manual tasks and improve machine learning algorithms that are meant to deliver the desired results. Using such artificial intelligence solutions enables companies to enjoy an edge over their competitors and improve machine learning algorithms so that the results they get are accurate and more efficient. They can also make use of such applications as cost-effective and time-efficient tools.

Many service providers today are using artificial intelligence to provide better customer services. The systems help customers understand what their service provider is saying, whether it is about a product problem or a query regarding services or even about a particular case or a situation.

Customers find such systems very useful in reducing the number of calls directed towards their customer service representative. More importantly, artificial intelligence helps the company to improve machine learning algorithms that are meant to deliver better results within the shortest possible time, without compromising the quality of the service delivered.

In education, artificial intelligence can be applied to help students retain information and learn more. For instance, computers can play the tutor’s role in teaching a child how to write and process the information provided to them. This will enable the student to be able to understand and improve their learning skills. Eventually, it will allow the student to improve his/her judgment and decision-making skills, based on which the student will be able to perform better in exams.

Another field where applications for artificial intelligence have been used widely is finance. Finance uses complex mathematical algorithms to make better decisions in dealing with financial transactions. In turn, such applications can help users gain access to information they would otherwise be unable to have. In short, we can say that artificial intelligence has brought us many innovations that we would not have been able to do otherwise.

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