What Is Marqui Monthly?

An exclusive digital email newsletter that goes out to more than 130 countries on a monthly basis, reaching 130,000+ top-tier professionals, including managers, directors, c-suite executives and corporate professionals from many industries across the business landscape.

This is an altogether different kind of newsletter. Each month highly qualified authors will cover a wide array of business management and marketing topics. The articles will focus on practical strategies and tips that you can use to improve every aspect of your professional life.

Each issue will be a PDF document delivered in true magazine style. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, content-rich, laser-focused management and marketing resource on the planet.

Marqui Monthly Newsletter sets a new standard, unmatched anywhere in the world of management and marketing. We could charge money for such a valuable resource, but that’s not why we are doing it. This is a team effort by a group of dedicated and passionate writers with one goal, to provide an invaluable resource for decision-makers and leaders looking, not only to be informed, but to more importantly improve the way they manage their operations, technology, supply chains, staff, marketing, and business partnerships with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business.

Marqui Monthly: A New Urgency

Marqui Monthly Newsletter Allen TX Media Marketing Management

What, exactly, is Marqui Monthly? Simply put, Marqui Monthly is a framework for organizing, automating, and analyzing the business metrics, processes, methodologies and systems that drive business performance and profitability. It is a blueprint for better business marketing and management.

It promotes greater accountability and visibility. It better aligns stakeholder goals with strategic and operational planning.

Marqui Monthly encompasses what has always been a critical component of an executive’s job — monitoring and managing business performance to achieve maximum value. Why do we need a new newsletter to highlight a concept that is centuries old? It’s because Marqui Monthly has assumed a new urgency. The economic uncertainties, the crises in corporate governance, the complexities of globalization and financial reporting have underlined the need for greater transparency, more effective metrics, and integrated strategic and operational planning in organizations today. Today’s technology delivers systems that streamline and integrate essential business processes of management and marketing to ensure more effective management of your organization’s performance. As a result, Marqui Monthly promises a significant and positive shift in the way organizations to operate, stakeholders behave, and businesses perform.

Many of our readers directly, regardless of your primary focus (whether it is business, sales, marketing, finance, or IT), need information that can help you evaluate, implement, extend, and administer quality initiatives in your organization.

Each issue is developed to answer many of the most common questions you have asked regarding marketing and management.

Marqui Monthly not only satisfies your demand for information but also helps shape the debate regarding the development of this increasingly important discipline. Another critical purpose of this newsletter is to provide a forum for the management and marketing community by introducing you to today’s leading influencers and their opinions, who are inspiring conceptual and practical marketing and performance management change in organizations today.

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Marqui Monthly Newsletter Allen TX Media Marketing Management

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