You have to have a true passion for helping people out while also being exceptionally good at your craft. Marqui Management is supremely focused on making sure we are really advising and helping small business owners, executives, and individuals.

Marqui Management is recognized as one of the leading brand management and reputation marketing consulting firms. As an industry leader we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure mutual success for our agency and our clients.

Five Reasons Clients Need Marqui Management

  1. They see no clear path forward.
  2. They’re overwhelmed.
  3. They need more personal accountability.
  4. They want to develop new skills.
  5. They’re feeling indecisive about growth.

The relationships we develop with our clients are aligned around helping them to succeed. We’re teaching these organizations and individuals to combine unrelated concepts to form innovative solutions to achieve growth. In doing so, Marqui Management continuously strives to inspire business owners and executives to achieve extraordinary results.

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Marqui Management guides high-integrity CEOs, business owners and key executives to work together to improve themselves, their companies and their communities, by addressing the common struggles and complex challenges they face on the path to personal and professional excellence.


An important part of our mission is helping our members strengthen their teams. This is a critical component to propelling their businesses past the competition. We follow the same approach as we seek to build a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees. Our knowledge and commitment to learning on this topic has influenced the way we shape our company culture.


We create a supportive, challenging, rewarding work environment for our team:

  • Engaged group of high-performing professionals
  • Continuous feedback, coaching and mentoring
  • Culture of collaboration and community
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Generous tuition reimbursement program
  • Quarterly employee development days
  • On-going training and development
  • Open-door policy to promote communication


A strong employee culture grows from strong roots. To this point we:

  • Foster trust by establishing openness and listening without judgment
  • Caring for each other, our work and our impact on the global community
  • Challenge ourselves to ask insightful questions—beyond the status quo
  • Prioritize growth through diverse, progressive learning opportunities

We recognize that our employees, like those of our clients, are Marqui Management’s most valuable resource. Our firm is made up of dedicated, energetic, and determined team members and we look for those traits in potential employees.

Marqui Management offers our employees challenging opportunities with extremely competitive compensation and benefits. Marqui Management is an equal opportunity employer with rewarding and distinctive career opportunities.

Are you considered by your peers to be “the best?” Are you the one everyone else calls when they need their most difficult issues resolved? Are you looking for a new challenge in your career, one that requires bringing every bit of your knowledge and passion to bear in the name of delivering the highest quality of service to a client? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes,’ and you can always look out for the best interests of our clients then we have a place for you at Marqui Management.

For more information regarding a career at Marqui Management, send your resume with contact information to


“I get to make a difference at Marqui Management. The work we do has the potential of impacting millions of people around the globe and that inspires me each and every day.”

Phillip B. Bryan | Learning & Development Manager

“The best part of the Marqui Management culture is the people. Marqui Management seems to always hire the superstar that is passionate, genuine and just plain friendly.”

Waylon J. Cox | Client Services Advisor

“We are a growing business, which creates brand new professional opportunities. I’ve had the good fortune to expand my business acumen and skills twice as a result of newly created positions.”

Craig C. Williams | Director of Sales Enablement

“Chief among the reasons I love working at Marqui Management: my boss, my team, the fast pace, the consistent investment in employee development, and a strong belief in the value of the service we provide to business leaders.”

Ban Taalah Stafford | Director Technical Services

Our Differences Bring Us Together

People do their best work when they have space to be themselves. Space to explore, collaborate, and debate. Space to take risks. Space to celebrate each other. No matter how you identify, you’ll have space to do—and be—your best at Marqui Management.

We’re an EOE that empowers our people—no matter your race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status—to fearlessly drive change.


Marqui Management’s Code of Business Ethics & Conduct

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