Our shared talent broker shares tips to make a good first impression

Katherine Hope is a Marqui Management recruiter for talented individuals. “My role is to dig, talk and judge deeply,” she says. Over three decades of recruiting Hope has seen everything. Her experience is our benefit: We’ve picked her brain on why Marqui Management should use her talent to advance her career and change the world.

Why should clarified professionals choose Marqui Management over other companies?

We are involved in important mission-oriented work. Here it is important to secure critical information. Eviction counts. But there is another reason: we grow organically by developing our people. We challenge employees and focus on sharpening their skills. We even have a whole staff mobility team. We make sure that we always work on professional skills, and when one job ends, we are ready for the next one.

What’s the best way to get a job at Marqui Management?

Well, first, keep your skills sharp and keep your resume up to date. Second, if you know someone here who can support these skills, ask him to make a staff referral. If someone recommends a candidate, that is a priority for me. People should network – do not be afraid to ask your colleagues for help!

“I love candidates who have taken the time to visit our website and learn more about us – spend some time on our career website before we talk.”

What is the biggest mistake people see on their CV?

Typo, that’s a breeze of course. But on a deeper level, it is a misstep when people talk about a program, as opposed to its role. If you tell me, “We’ve built a new IT system and introduced new wages and benefits,” my question is, “What did you do, what was your part, what did you accomplish?”

How can a candidate leave a good first impression?

I love candidates who have taken the time to visit our website and learn more about us. I asked people, “What is Marqui Management?” Or wrong our name. Not good. Spend some time on our career website before we talk. Look at our jobs and be ready to tell me what you’re focusing on and how your skills fit in well with this role.

How can a candidate impress you?

Be professional. If we have an appointment and you are not ready or not calling professionally, that is a red flag for me. Verbal communication skills are also the key. I spend a lot of energy to relax and communicate people. Top candidates do not need this. We are a consulting firm, so what advise? You have to be able to talk to customers.

What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make in an interview?

Beat your current employer. That tells me that we probably do not have the right fit. It’s fine if the situation does not work for you, but explain it diplomatically. Do not tell me that your boss is bipolar (even if she is). You are a problem solver if you come here – I want you to find a diplomatic solution.

What questions do the candidates want to ask?

I like it when they ask me what comes next. I want them to think long term and look for a career with us. And I want them to continue if they have not heard from me in two weeks. Email me, ask me what’s going on. I know that you are interested. It’s a partnership: I do my part, but I need it to do its part.

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