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There are many reasons why water restoration companies need to implement a full water restoration marketing plan. In addition, many companies have realized that search engine optimization is an essential marketing tool that will help them generate leads and build a loyal customer base. While there are many water restoration marketing tips available, the key is finding those that work and sticking with them. A strong water restoration marketing plan that incorporates SEO-friendly website design can help your company reach new heights and create a competitive edge over competitors.

Search engine optimization is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing tools for water restoration businesses. The search terms “water damage” and “restoration services” are among the top searches online. Because it’s such a high demand, search engine optimization will likely continue to be a staple element of any effective water restoration marketing plan. With this in mind, here are some SEO-friendly website design ideas that you can use to attract customers:

Use As seen on websites: Since people assume that water restoration businesses must be located in beautiful, scenic locations, they’ll naturally type in “restoration services near Los Angeles” or “repair services near Venice Beach.” A website design that features the logo of your business or emphasizes its location can go a long way towards attracting new customers. Just be sure your water restoration website design makes a good first impression and gives people a clear idea of what your company offers.

Choose professional graphics: When someone types in a search term like “water restoration marketing“, the computer probably has millions of different websites open in the background. It’s very easy to lose track of which website will be most helpful to your customers. To avoid this problem, choose a water restoration marketing logo that’s easy to read and understand. Also, make sure your logo is the size and color of text links. Your search engine marketing strategy won’t do much good if your customers have to wade through text links in order to reach your logo or company information.

Make your website inviting and easy to navigate: Most of the time, businesses that aren’t located near an ocean or in a hot, rainy climate are too afraid to put their website on the front page of a search engine results page (SERP). In order to draw customers in, it’s crucial to include website design ideas that make navigation easy to follow. For example, having a menu bar at the top of the page where potential customers can see what services they’re interested in and make a quick decision should be a part of your water restoration marketing strategy. If you don’t have a menu bar, try hiding it beneath larger photos of your products, providing something of an organic feel to your website.

Add contact information and amenities that encourage feedback: Building relationships with your website visitors is an important part of water restoration marketing. You need to provide them with a way to contact you or a representative should they have questions. For example, if you offer free consultation calls, tell your website visitors to leave their email addresses so you can send out an email to them with further details about your services. If you feature a live chat option, ask your website visitors to speak with a customer service representative instead of leaving their email address. Your website visitors will appreciate the extra attention to detail.

Provide your website visitors with informative content that’s related to their water restoration marketing goals: One of the goals of a website is to provide you and your customers with relevant content. If your website design isn’t compelling enough to encourage people to call or visit your business, don’t expect to see much conversion from it. The best website design for water restoration marketing can accomplish this by adding content that’s not only appealing but also useful.

water restoration marketing plan that’s not effective can cost you money. This doesn’t mean that you need to abandon the idea of water restoration marketing altogether. However, don’t make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. Your marketing plan should include strategies that target different demographics. By doing so, you can ensure that each person who comes to your website reads informative material and chooses to make a call or come to you.

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