How To Increase Debt Settlement Marketing To Bring In More Leads

At Marqui Management we are more than aware of how unique a true debt settlement lead is. Our specialists have more than 170 years of combined experience working in the debt settlement industry under various titles such as debt counselor, customer service representative, lead provider, negotiator, and marketing assistant.

We know what types of debt are acceptable, how much-unsecured debt they have, how many late payments there are if they have ever filed for bankruptcy and an idea of what their credit score is.

These criteria are part of our screening process. The high level of pre-qualification warrants results in targeted, high-converting, high-retention, qualified debt settlement leads that close.

Over the years we have used our expertise to target and convert other debt-based leads such as:

  • Tax Relief Leads
  • Credit Counseling Leads
  • Debt Consolidation Leads
  • Bankruptcy Leads
  • Home Foreclosure Relief Leads

Are you looking for high-demanding, nationwide debt settlement leads? At Marqui Management, to ensure quality is passed to our preferred clients and network, we only accept a certain number of debt-related financial services partners into our program each year.

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Debt Settlement Marketing Leads From A Recognized Provider

Our debt settlement clients have preferred our marketing services to paper leads for six reasons, and here’s why:

1. Debt Lead Tracking Tools

Easily manage your ongoing marketing efforts and monitor your campaign as it unfolds using the latest technology. You can easily see how many leads your debt settlement company received for the day, month and year. Monitor how many of the leads converted into customers, retention rates and more.

2. Only In-House Debt Settlement Leads

Our company does not sub-contract or operate as an affiliate for another lead generation agency. Instead, all of our leads come directly from broadcasting professional ads, surveys, opt-in forms and other forms of digital marketing.

Once a lead has been captured it goes directly to your sales team and your sales team only. No more having to worry about what other company is or has contacted the lead.

3. Debt Settlement Leads That Fit Your Company Profile

You virtually have complete control over the leads we bring you. With your company message and our debt settlement lead generating process, you have the ability to filter out leads with precision.

  • Only want leads with at least $10,000 worth of unsecured debt?
  • Want to target leads who know the whole process behind negotiating their debt?

Unlike other debt settlement lead providers, we can offer all this and more.

4. The Right Amount Of Debt Settlement Leads

Our clients include large debt settlement firms who need hundreds of quality leads daily. We also work with a sole proprietorship who only requires a handful of additional leads each week.

We provide reports and predictability for the number of debt settlement inquiries so you can maintain a quality of service as you continue to grow.

Our solutions are also great for independent debt counselors who want a nice bonus added to their next paycheck.

5. Debt Settlement Leads Without Long-Term Contract/ Commitments or Auto Renewals

Our debt settlement marketing-leads services have grown significantly over the last 12 months due to our fair and straightforward pricing. We are not advocates of auto-renewals and don’t require long-term contracts to deliver high-quality debt settlement leads.

Our exclusivity of leads and the results your sales team will achieve are how we continue to earn live lead orders.

6. Live Debt Settlement Leads Today

Finally, many forms of advertising have long setup and lead times before your office ever gets a single inquiry, if at all. Marqui Management can start delivering high-targeted debt settlement leads almost immediately.

Contact us for debt settlement marketing lead pricing

As the famous author and psychologist, Dr. Phil once said,

If what you’re doing isn’t working, change it.

– Phillip C. McGraw

If your current marketing method of prospecting leads is not getting you the results you need, call Marqui Management now at 888-384-9424. We’ll show you how easy it is to get real leads, in real-time with real results.

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How Many Types Of Debt Settlement Leads Are There?

Each of our debt settlement marketing clients continue to work with us for our quality and variety of debt settlement leads, which include:

1. Internet-Based Debt Settlement Leads

Our internet debt leads are generated through a funnel of keyword searches, content marketing, email marketing, and other online strategies. Internet leads are great for debt settlement companies looking for a marketing plan that consistently delivers a flow a leads that convert to more sales.

Internet debt leads happen in real-time and on an exclusive basis. Once you commit, the leads are yours and yours alone. No need to worry about leads being sold to multiple companies at a time.

One of the most significant benefits of our internet leads is the ability to reach consumers at both a phone number and email as opposed to other inbound leads that only come with a phone number.

A debt settlement company we work with has started focusing only on internet leads, cutting back on direct-mailers, and are doing very well. We can deliver internet leads by email, live-transfer or integrate them into your CRM for your convenience.

2. Live-Transfer (TV Call) Debt Settlement Leads

As you are probably aware, calls from TV and radio placements are highly sought after by debt reduction firms. Media buyers have found a way to develop generic but professional commercials and buy targeted media placements in a way that encourages a good flow of inbound queue calls about debt.

The debt settlement industry can buy calls on a cost per call basis.

TV and Radio advertising campaigns are generally done through a cash-buy media arrangement. Additional costs are needed to create the commercial, and the minimum order buy-in is $10,000 with no guarantee of the number of calls.

Even though the cost per call is agreed upon prior with no guaranteed minimum number of calls, we’ve developed a systematic approach that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

  • Whether it’s TV or radio debt settlement calls, there is call logging and call recording features that come pre-packaged with a managerial admin panel.
  • The sales day may be scheduled by the number of hours worked, states services, and the number of leads.

For debt settlement, both TV and radio are large producers of debt settlement calls on a cost per call basis, and both are desirable, producing hot inbound call leads.

3. Direct Mail Debt Settlement Marketing Leads

Direct mail leads are earned through an aggressive approach. Sometimes viewed as edgy by consumers who are unaware of what debt settlement is or that they even need the help.

Direct mail creative is where the goal of the campaign is to generate inquiries by consumers.

Often sold to debt settlement firms on a cost per call basis, firms purchasing direct mail debt settlement leads do not have to worry about the risk of a low-response campaign.

While not every direct mail campaign performs the same, purchasing through a cost per call basis is a more reliable way to gain extra protection from marketing campaigns that underperform.

A hot inbound call and direct-mail debt settlement marketing lead represent one of the oldest implemented forms of targeted marketing used by the debt settlement industry.

It’s important to note that some debt settlement agencies have faced class action lawsuits and have even been sued by the government, which is why it is crucial to partner with a debt settlement marketing company that knows the industry, and more importantly, your clients!

4. Live Transfer (Call Center) Debt Settlement Marketing Leads

If you’re looking for an excellent solution to supplement rigorous efforts of cold calling, Call Center Live-Transfer debt settlement marketing leads are an attractive choice.

With recent aversions to cold calling or law firms with the inability to solicit outbound calls for debt settlement (by law), tried and true call centers will do the calling for you and transfer live leads only after your basic criteria are met.

Must clients be a certain age, reside in a specific state, have a minimum amount of debt, a minimum number of unsecured accounts, and be free from ever filing bankruptcy in the past?

Outbound call centers can ensure that your debt settlement sales team is only talking people who meet your criteria and who agree to be transferred. All outbound calls are recorded and logged for review by your management and compliance team.

Integrating a domestic or international call center for live transfer debt leads, are a great alternative to cold calling campaigns and protects your sales team from getting burned out and frustrated from making too many calls that don’t result in closed deals.

5. Internet (Live Chat) Debt Settlement Leads

A strong union of internet response and your ability to initiate a sales conversation with leads online are live chat prospects. Live chat is a savvy way to immediately engage an internet lead, whether they are generating from a third-party or your website.

Live chat leads increases contact ratio problems. Although these web leads are not in large supply, it is a highly regarded valuable resource to harness more sales and higher conversion rates for your debt settlement company.

6. SMS/ Text-Message Debt Settlement Marketing Leads

Leads generated through various text message offers are an emerging type of lead generation. Legal entanglements are regularly being sorted out but a simple text message sent out with a link and offer the prospect can’t refuse.

98% SMS get read, making SMS Marketing one of the highest (CTR) Click-Through Rates in marketing. CTR is the percentage of clients that clicked through to a website via the link within an SMS message, and research shows that,

The average CTR for links in SMS messages stands at 19% while the CTR for email marketing is only 3.2%.

The best way to take advantage of SMS debt-settlement marketing leads is to send an offer or ad with a click-to-call which connects your sales teams with potential clients responding from a text message.

Cell phone usage is increasing, and so is SMS text-messaging for gaining new leads.

  • Voice Broadcasting Messaging
  • E-Mail Broadcasting Campaign
  • Direct Mail
  • Fax Campaign
  • Text Messaging
  • Web Design
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