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Self-Storage Email Marketing

An effective self-storage company should have a good strategy for email marketing. A professionally run self-storage company should gain a certain rapport with its tenants, which should be done through a compelling series of mass communications. This has been proven to increase the retention and profitability of self-storage units. In fact, it is also known as ‘word of mouth advertisement’ or ‘marketing through the roof.’

Mass communication can include direct mail campaigns, newsletters, mobile messaging, and SMS, among others.

  • Tenants who use self-storage facilities are always looking for ways to free up space.
  • They may be moving homes or temporarily living in rented accommodation, so they will need extra space to store their stuff.

In this case, a landlord should offer them extra space on rent, which they can then use to store their things for a more extended period of time. This strategy will not only increase retention but also increase profit.

Prospective tenants who are looking for a new storage unit will certainly check online, and the Internet is one of the best places to look for self-storage businesses.

They will read about the various self-storage facilities and what customers can get out of them. Prospective renters will then search the internet for self-storage business names and locations. The company’s website should be included in the search results, providing further exposure to the company.

In order for email marketing to work in the industry, the company needs to be reputable and established.

The company’s email marketing strategy should follow some professional standards. The first thing the email marketing strategy should do is to include in the email a privacy policy that outlines the storage unit renter’s responsibilities and expectations. The email should also provide contact information and directions to the client’s next facility. Professional companies take this responsibility very seriously because they want to make sure that their customers know that they are dealing with reputable and established companies.

Another thing that should be in an email is the company’s terms and conditions. This part of the marketing campaign should always include the terms and conditions of renting a storage unit. This email should also let the clients know how much the monthly rental fees are and when they must pay. Most companies offer a flat rate fee that they charge for renting a unit, but some may also charge an extra fee for any overtime or for being late for a delivery.

In addition to letting the client know the policies of the company, the email should also contain a section where the prospective tenant can tell the company how they can be reached. This section could outline how many toll-free numbers they can call, how to reach their customers through email, and other options. Many potential clients will choose to contact a customer service representative during business hours, especially if they have questions or concerns. This lets the potential client know that their concerns will be addressed professionally.

The last thing to include in an email for self-storage companies is a brief bio section. This brief section should not be longer than one page, and it should not include more than two sentences about the owner or company. This bio should simply provide basic information about self-storage operations. The biography should also state who the owner is and how long he/she has been in the business. The company’s phone number should also be listed.

Email marketing for self-storage is effective and should be taken advantage of.

The most important part of the email is the first sentence or paragraph, which states the company’s policy and mission. Following this, the email should address the customer’s questions, concerns, or requests. It should also address any specials the company offers and what those specials are. Finally, the email should end with a brief thank-you note.

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Self Storage Business

If you’re running a self-storage business, sending out email marketing to potential customers in a meaningful way to boost your business. In fact, it’s been shown that most self-storage customers prefer to receive correspondence from a local company rather than an international firm. That’s because local businesses are familiar with the people in the area. This means that self-storage businesses can quickly increase retention rates among their tenants by sending emails about local events, discounts, and other activities.

Here’s how to do it.

Email Marketing For Self-Storing Companies

Start by collecting vital information about your self-storage facility and your property, including location, address, unit type, size, amenities, and more. Send out emails to all of your self-storage customers at once about your facility’s special promotions and events. For example, you can send a holiday promo email to prospective renters two weeks in advance. Make sure you include all pertinent information, including the duration of the promotion, when it will begin, who can attend, where the promotion is hosted, what kind of event it is, and so forth.

Let your self-storage customers know how to get involved.

Contact existing and former renters and let them know about any special promotions or events they can attend. You can offer discounts or newsletters to bring new renters into your facility. Furthermore, offer to provide tenants with a key code to help them reserve units at competitive prices.

Send out monthly emails to all self-storage customers.

These should include all pertinent information, including event dates, cost, and location. Be sure also to include any specials that may be happening at your facility. You can also send out separate emails for each specific self-storage unit within your facility. It’s also a good idea to send a postcard to prospective renters. This will increase retention and show them that you care about the well-being of your tenants.

When sending out your self-storage email marketing letters, be professional.

Mention important terms like terms of agreements and privacy policy, but don’t get too much into the business end of things. Instead, focus more on creating a friendly, conversational tone. The goal here is to create a relationship with the recipients, not to sell or promote yourself.

A self-storage facility is not a store.

So don’t be too aggressive in selling products to new customers. This will most likely turn off some potential customers. Instead, focus more on letting the general public know that your facility is a great place for anyone to store their belongings.

Self-storage customers love to know that their belongings are being professionally handled by people who care about the environment and are concerned about the overall health and safety of the environment. So be sure to include these topics in any email marketing correspondence you send out. Include a brief bio on the owners of the facility as well, so customers will know what kind of business they’re dealing with. Don’t put forth false advertisements or enticing offers. Just be straightforward about what you offer and how it will help your customers.

Lastly, do not try to be all things to all customers.

Some customers may view you as nothing more than a warehouse. So if you are selling goods, be sure to list them individually. Have different sections of the self-storage facility outlined, so the descriptions of each section relate directly to the items you are offering? This way, you will appeal to customers individually and increase retention. Also, be sure to follow up with customers in any self-storage email marketing correspondence to ensure you have their attention and follow up with them at a later time.

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