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Start maximizing your online marketing efforts with Marqui Management, an award-winning Technology Marketing Agency.

What is technology marketing?

Technology marketing or tech marketing refers to helping technology companies increase their list of contacts and resources, raise brand awareness and grow the business. In today’s digital environment, marketing has taken another new approach with data, artificial intelligence, and deep learning algorithms, platforms, and interfaces.

At Marqui Management, we’re known as a top-rated technology marketing agency that has helped tech companies scale their marketing efforts through innovative paid ads and inbound marketing.

We Have The Experience To Execute & The Knowledge To Find The Right Marketing Strategies For Your Business.

Marqui Management is a recognized and award-winning technology marketing agency and b2b lead generation service company. We’re a specialized technology marketing agency that helps tech companies increase their marketing capabilities and predictably improve marketing ROI.

Branding And Messaging That Connects Buyers

Let’s Make Something Great Together. Best Places to Work. Founded in 2017.

The best technology marketing firms have content creators who can produce specific, in-depth, and enticing content to attract a highly tech-savvy audience.

The technology sector is the category of stocks relating to the research, development, or distribution of technologically based goods and services.

What types of technology companies do we help?

At Marqui Management, our expert team can handle everything from business strategy, corporate design, digital optimization, monitoring, and implementation of consulting and marketing your technology company.

14 types of technology companies we work with:

  1. Communication Technology
  2. Construction Technology
  3. Product Technology
  4. Medical Technology
  5. Architecture Technology
  6. Business Technology
  7. Educational Technology
  8. Information Technology
  9. Space Technology
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. Robotics Technology
  12. Superintelligence
  13. Agriculture Technology
  14. Assistive Technology
  15. Operation Technology
  16. Entertainment Technology

A few areas of specialty include:

Biotech marketing, SaaS marketing, IT marketing, Manufacturers, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Biotech Marketing, Biotech Consulting, SaaS Marketing, GDPR Consulting, and more.


According to a Good.Must.Grow. report, 64% of American adults made purchases from socially responsible companies in the past year. Moreover, 26% avoided making a purchase because a company was not socially responsible.

Technology Marketing By Industry

Through technology marketing, businesses and marketers can develop strategies that cater to their audience and nearly guarantee positive results. Marqui Management has streamlined the industry in many more unique ways than one. We’re making technology companies more efficient and able to scale marketing efforts seamlessly.

Here are some of the many technology industries we specialize in:

Biotech Marketing

Accelerate your Biotechnology Company’s digital marketing With Marqui Management. Marqui Management is a strategically focused technical marketing and communications agency. Our life science, biotech, engineering, and allied tech-industry expertise yields results. Explore how we apply our biotech marketing savvy to the latest digital technologies to identify, segment, and engage precisely targeted audiences.
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IT Marketing

Digital marketing for IT companies. We’re a leading technology marketing agency helping IT businesses, high tech companies, and SaaS companies. We are recognized as a leading IT company marketing firm. Our IT Marketing Strategies draw the attention of the target audiences and create business relationships with future clients.
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VR & AR Marketing

Increase operational efficiency while transforming how products are created and serviced. AR allows brands to provide their customers with unique, engaging experiences that combine ‘real’ and virtual interactive elements. Marqui Management explores Augmented Reality Marketing and sales use cases – and their benefits.
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Saas Marketing

With a long history of driving growth for both B2B and B2C SaaS companies, at Marqui, we partner with you, the in-house SaaS marketer ensuring you get the results you deserve. As a top SaaS Marketing Agency helping companies build their online presence, we help B2B SaaS companies become the dominant player in their market through SEO and PPC. Our strategy provides a predictable and scalable method for generating demos and trials.
962% Average Client ROI – Read More

AI Marketing

Leading-Edge AI Marketing Agency. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the waves of the future. The AI software solutions marketplace, is filling with more apps, tools, software, and platform solutions. Marqui Management houses a team of AI experts and is the fastest-growing reputation marketing and digital marketing agency in America. We work for small, medium, and large-scale companies to optimize Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Online Sales using Artificial Intelligence and AI Tech Companies.
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GDPR Consulting

Are you a GDPR Consultant or GDPR Consultancy looking for more leads and new customers? Discover how our best-selling GDPR and data protection consultancy services and solutions will help establish credibility in the GDPR community and position your website as the authority in your field among top search engines.
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Technology Marketing Expertise


Our industry-wide expertise in technology marketing ensures that each of our client’s expectation are not only met but exceeded.

Lead Generation

Marqui Management is an ideal technology marketing agency that provides inbound lead generation online and offline.
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Web Development

Leverage our time-tested technology marketing strategies that help you deliver a targeted sales message that attracts the right kind of traffic to your newly designed website.
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Marketing Automation

Marqui Management provides the most updated marketing automation service that is easy to integrate with your existing marketing strategy.
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Search Engine Optimization

Sales take multiple steps. Online marketing starts with SEO. With proven sales and marketing automation systems in place, your tech firm’s revenue will grow exponentially.
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Top Technology Marketing Agency

You’re all set up with your SaaS company. Variety is key. One of the biggest mistakes marketing managers often make relying too much on one strategy: Know your audience, Compelling content, Email marketing, Network, Social media, Developing and implementing your marketing plan.

Marketing for the Tech Industry

Don’t see your technology product or service listed above? That’s okay, our vast knowledge and deep expertise spans throughout many industries and markets and we are always assisting new customers in new markets. Speak with one of our Technology Marketing Consultants to see our portfolio and learn how we’re able to generate high-quality leads and referrals for your technology company.

For more information call to speak with one of our Technology Marketing Consultants or visit our office.

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Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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