Marqui Management Business Management Marketing Consulting Allen Texas 75013
Marqui Management Business Management Marketing Consulting Allen Texas 75013

This Millennial Is Transforming How Companies Do Business

Allen, TX – For most for-profit companies, the key to staying in business is understanding customers and the value of each customer. Millennial entrepreneur D’Vaughn Bell is helping for-profit companies think like non-profit companies for higher returns.

It’s why I decided we need to launch our $1,000 scholarship.

With student loan debt at an all-time high, which according to Student Loan Hero has a national total of $1.5 trillion, it’s business leaders like Bell who take the initiative to help.

“The idea came from me wanting to help people. In the past I’ve held fundraisers, volunteered for the community, offered scholarships, donated and did everything I possibly could to give back,” says Bell.

He then explains how he was able to catch on to the fact that these acts of kindness, did not go unnoticed. In the long run, it rewarded him with more customers.

As the owner of a marketing/consulting company called Marqui Management, Bell has earned credentials in marketing analytics and knows how to communicate a brands voice to their customers.

We all want to feel connected. I’ve helped multiple small businesses and large enterprises establish what I call ‘giving back initiatives’ or social responsibility.

Today, most of what we do finds its way online. Bell believes in giving back without the expectation to receive anything in return, but by sharing these acts with your community of customers, they become more connected with your brand.

It’s not enough to give money to a charity. Anyone can do that. Why not start a charity? Why not gather employees to volunteer once per month at your local food bank? The opportunities are limitless!

Bell also explained how he began marketing this idea as a new service to help companies connect with wider audiences because he sees the power in having more companies giving back to their communities, even if it is for-profit.

Companies need to make money, and people need help. I see it as a win-win.

It’s no secret that acts of kindness earn positive perspectives. Bell states that he has used his method to help companies with bad online reputations to rebuild and rebrand their presence and the results have been staggering.

Every business leader should understand that a community that supports and appreciates a brand’s message as much as the product or service is essential for long-term success.

Bell explains that any brand can start by “Making a Difference or Giving Back.”

Making a difference in people’s lives and earning a profit for the company are not mutually exclusive. Bell conducted customer surveys for the companies he has helped and found that customers liked to know that companies are making the world a better place and that they are supporting a good cause.

Giving back to the community has both intangible and tangible advantages. The intangible benefits are the pleasant feeling of connectivity and satisfaction of doing your part in healing the world.

On the other hand, the tangible advantages encompass potentially raising your brands’ profile and in turn, bringing you more customers or clients through positive publicity.

Bell wraps up by explaining, “Brands should give what they can to make a difference to their community, and may be surprised at the benefits. When it comes to giving back, everybody wins.”

Marqui Management is a brand management/reputation marketing consulting company specializing in helping businesses grow their revenues. Founded in 2017, Marqui Management is the merger of digital marketing agency known as Marqui Marketing and consulting practice formerly operating under the name Marqui Management.


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