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Brand Awareness

What is the only thing worse than talked about as a business? Not being talked about. A decade ago, a company could become popular only by its mention among the immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. However, now Brand Awareness involves much more than just creating a way to identify a product or a company.

Brand Awareness in Social Media:

With the advent of social media, the consumer now has a multiple choice of mediums to raise his voice or share his views. Online product reviews, particularly for consumer electronics, are increasing their influence on purchasing decisions made by consumers in India.

55 percent of Indians that read online product reviews have purchased products based on feedback, and 64% of purchases in consumer durables/electronics are based on online reviews.

Information on the Internet travels unrestricted, unchecked and for the most part unverified since the boundaries between author and reader, creators of content and receivers of content has been disappearing. In such an environment, it becomes inevitable for a brand to have its presence on the online media.

It takes a pragmatic approach to turn your product into a brand, and that goes beyond creating a logo, tagline or signage with the objective of personifying your brand on social media.

After identifying your business needs, the next step is to choose the right platform to create awareness for your brand among the various social media mediums.

Marqui Management establishes your brand through vivid graphic design, web design, visuals, logos, colors & typefaces.

We then lead business initiatives to assist in delivering the behaviors that substantiate brand by crossing functions and departments, and both offline and digital communications domains, such as:

  • Motivating thousands of retail store associates to deliver customer experiences
  • Implementing CRM programs that transcend cross-selling for financial institutions
  • Inventing creative concepts to engage consumers in household electronics brands
  • Strengthening loyalty through a better understanding of the drivers of customer purchases
  • Integrating marketing activities to reduce costs and improve efficacy.

Actions speak louder than words.

You don’t need special glasses to see the value of your brand.

Great brands are built and grown through the things your company does, and what your consumers do in response. Actions yield profits, and great brands are more profitable than lesser brands. Without the behaviors that deliver real results, your branding is only a hope wrapped in a desire inside a fantasy.

Branding converts want into needs.

Your brand name can be so popular that it’s a favorite name for newborns, but it doesn’t really matter unless it enables you to operate your business more effectively and efficiently.

It should make more money for you, and make your strategy more dependable and sustainable. That means branding is the operationalization of what your business wants with what your employees and consumers need.

Everyone needs to pull together.

Brands are the narration of behaviors, and there are usually lots of actions behind the most successful stories: sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, service, and the other things your business does combine to deliver what your consumers think (and what they talk about, and how they ultimately behave). Turning your company into a ‘reality machine’ that unlocks these keys is the business opportunity for the next decade.

Loyalty comes from you, not your customers.

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter whether you use traditional ads or the newest social media tools to talk to your customers. What matters is what you do for them, and it’s why they choose to be loyal to your brand. Or not.

No smart marketing scheme overcomes this fact: succeed in reality, and you will win hearts and minds. Then you can measure your brand value in profits, not image or intent.

At Marqui Management we are advocates for marketing with truth and purpose.

Truth is not an opinion, and it doesn’t come in competing versions; in business, it’s the reality of what your company does. Full stop. Your customers know it, sometimes instinctively, and when you don’t use your marketing to empower them with this knowledge, you risk wasting their time and damaging your brand.

Today’s immense opportunity is how companies can strategically come to terms with the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses, and then translate them into the conversations underway in the marketplace. This means the purpose of marketing isn’t to tell stories or to entertain as much as to achieve understanding.

The first step to creating, managing and promoting your creative projects. Our expertise and industry-leading partners allow us to provide premium service to all of our customers regardless of size.


Brand Strategy

Unleash the power of your brand

A brand is not just a logo, but a consistent identity and a representation of a set of values to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is a set of rational and emotional attributes that define how the world perceives your company and products, differentiate them and provide a competitive advantage.

At Marqui Management, brands are what we love, and branding is what we do. And that’s all that we do.

More than just redesigning the logo, changing signage or outlet designs, Marqui Management branding solutions aim to communicate to brand’s proprietary visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image.

Marqui Management not only offers services in determining taxonomy and identity but also works towards developing your brands regarding its proposition development, positioning and personality.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Taxonomy
  • Moodboard Design
  • New Product Introduction Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Proposition Development
  • Startup Business Strategy Development

Close the gap…

…between your brand and reality. You have an entire organization ready to supply added-value to your consumers. Stop thinking image, and start delivering meaning, relevance, and utility.

Doing is the new thinking.

We’d be happy to explore putting this new approach to work for your business.

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Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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