As technology advances, the need for change and adaptability in the marketplace seem inevitable.

Many companies at this stage in the economy are faced with challenging situations/choices, pressed with urgency to deliver solutions while keeping costs low.

Business Management Services

Marqui Management helps its clients relieve some of their worries, delivering complete solutions in the most cost-effective manner. We work closely with our clients, to understand their needs and provide strategic solutions that ensure a win-win situation for your business.

Strategy & Business Process Services

Marqui Management emphasizes improving organizational efficiencies and overall performance. We analyze, research and deliver above industry standard methodologies to achieve these targets.

  • Our strategies map out the business vision and goals and offer solutions that would best fit.
  • Our Business Process model aims at assisting our clients, by reducing and unloading a significant amount of labor and process intensive back-office operations to us.
  • Our experience and highly talented and trained professionals will guide you through each aspect of this transition.

Some of the more common examples of such operations are outsourcing management accounting operations such as payroll processing, AP and AR processing, packaging and delivering operations, etc.

Offshore consulting opens the doors to the long-term contracting out, of non-core business processes to an outside provider to help achieve increased shareholder value. Many firms today are looking to reduce costs, heavy maintenance overheads, cut back on tedious and time consuming back office process, cutting back on in-house applications or solutions development that would resolve their respective “pains.”

Outsourcing, if done correctly, can prove to be a very cost-effective option for many companies. Not only, does outsourcing complete the twenty-four-hour clock cycle for most companies, but also helps firms concentrate and further their core-competencies and strengths.

Customized Web Solutions & Application Development

Marqui Management is opening the doors for small, mid-sized and large organizations, guiding them to offer their products or service offerings to their respective target markets. Given today’s competitive market, it is critical that your clients have access to your company and you in a timely manner.

The web has been the answer to many organizations prayers. Our cost-effective and heavy experience is this market, has a lot of our customers re-establishing their faith in real time system or solutions development. Web development is one of our core competencies and we have often been complimented on our expertise in this area.

Our strategy is to deliver the best of breed applications, with no compromises on the quality or quantity.

Our expert team has proven and successful methodologies, for most industry types and can assure you, that your business will have yet another added asset under its wings.

Business Integration

Integration is one of the key focal areas and one of the more immediate issues faced by most companies in recent times. Most companies are dealing with the buy/build scenarios and often find themselves relying heavily on the vendor for optimal solutions. Marqui Management offers its clients both options, to build or buy.

Most clients lean towards the build option usually, as their preference for many reasons. These clients eventually become the owners of the custom solution that will be developed solely to suit their requirements. This proves to be a cost-effective and direct way of achieving their integration requirements. Other Vendor implementations also done correctly can result in achieving the desired results.

ERP Implementations

Enterprise application software often offers a rapid return on investments. Our robust methodologies and implementation experience in areas such as People Soft, Oracle, EAI solutions, web development, e-procurement, supply chain management, wireless technologies. This experience makes our offering a unique one for our customers, as not only do our customers get the best of breed experienced resources assisting them throughout the project life cycle, but they instantly save time and effort by doing things right the first time around.

Our performance and commitment serve as the foundation for the planning, budgeting, goal setting and execution of our success strategies, guiding businesses to re-align their operations to achieve more significant results and higher profits.

Customer Relationship Management

Today, the success of your firm depends on exceeding and delivering beyond your customer’s expectations. Customers are seeking long-term relationships, with firms they can rely on versus dealing with ‘fly by night’ operations. Managing and growing your customer base, along with increased customer loyalty are major contributors to increasing productivity and profitability, with the added attraction of maintaining long-term relationships, an advantage over your competition.

Marqui Management plays a significant role, as it strives to understand your business and its workings. Our focus is to provide you with all the relevant details about your customer in a single snapshot. This information can, in turn, be used to improve, expand your Sales and Marketing plans, streamline your customers’ billing and customer care needs or help you plan the approach and strategy for each of your respective customers.

Supply Chain

With the global boundaries reducing each day, buyers and sellers can reach one another in many different ways. These relationships are growing and expanding every day via the web. However, managing and maintaining these relationships can be crucial and hold significant consequences for all parties involved. The need for detailed planning, execution and effective management has given rise to the supply chain segment.

Marqui Management offers its customers a detailed and comprehensive system that caters to the customer’s requirements and can be tailored accordingly. We have accounted for all details right from when an order is placed:

  • the research and evaluation of the various vendors in the marketplace offering similar products
  • the prices and quality
  • down to managing the market demand, ensuring transportation, and delivery of the goods and services.

In a nutshell, we offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Buyer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Demand Chain Management
  • Inventory Control Management
  • Transportation, Packaging & Delivery Management
  • Network Services & Solutions

With the bottom line being increased shareholder value, reduced costs, increased profitability due to streamlining the business processes, ease of inventory control management, a better visibility view of the market and its trends with respect to your product line/offerings and the reduced time and effort of running a well organized and straight through process.

Business Intelligence

One of the highly demanded solutions today revolves around the business intelligence solution offerings. Right from addressing one’s integration needs, down to managing simple billing process, addressing the imports and exports requirements or simply defining a more intelligent way of conducting business, has gained a lot of momentum in recent times.

With our end-to-end technology solutions, we assist our clients to take advantage of the new reliable, secure and flexible ways to structure their operational requirements and customize their needs through various technology solutions.

Emerging Technologies-Other

With the trends shifting towards the wireless technologies, the benefits seem unlimited. The ease of accessing the world from virtually anywhere, are already proving their worth in the industry. Your employees can reach, you can reach your employees anywhere, anytime, you’re customers, now know you’re around even on their worst days, your partners, suppliers and other critical contacts are all more at ease, when they know, they can get to their respective worlds virtually anywhere.

The cost efficiencies, the remote access, improved communications network all contribute maintaining your customer loyalty and enhancing relationships. Additionally, the use of mobile devices around the world has set a new trend in the way we do business.


Infrastructure setup is often the critical backbone of any organization. The many challenges faced in today’s dynamic environment often means that when a business process has changed, it usually requires a change in the infrastructure setups or network changes. Our technical experts often assist our customers through these changes, in the most cost-effective and simplest manner possible, keeping in mind your business’ short and long term strategies and objectives.

Most clients lean towards the build option usually, as their preference for many reasons. These clients eventually become the owners of the custom solution that will be developed solely to suit their requirements. This proves to be a cost-effective and direct way of achieving their integration requirements. Other Vendor implementations also done correctly can result in achieving the desired results.

Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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