The Culture Metrics Assessment System is a unique system for assessing people in all types of managerial and staff roles. Please read some of our case studies.

The Culture Metrics Assessment System

The information generated by Culture Metrics enables individual, team or organizational development needs to be accurately pinpointed so that the investment of effort, time and money can be maximized.

Typical applications include:


Training Needs Analysis
Career Development
Performance Coaching


Team Assessment
Team Development
360s Feedback


Culture Assessment
Values Implementation
HR Strategy Formulation
Organizational Development

How would you like to establish a high-performing company culture? Do you want to improve employee retention rates and synchronicity? Our Culture Metrics service starts with an internal structural audit and optimization of employee engagement surveys.

With an in-depth understanding of your organization’s goals we then create and implement a cultural change strategy which becomes the framework for building a strong culture of accountability on all levels (employee, management, and executive).

At Marqui Management, we understand People Data and how to connect the dots. Culture Metrics is more than Annual Reviews and addressing employee mistakes.

Established Firm in Measuring Performance

Our Culture Metrics service takes Human Capital Management (HCM) to the next level.

Annual reviews and engagement survey alone aren’t as effective partly for the fact that the work environment has changed over recent years. Most performance management systems aren’t optimized for capturing continuous feedback, ideas, and insights.

No matter how much a performance evaluation plan is structured, it’s inherently threatening to your employees to have their performance judged. One way we have addressed this issue is by switching to more frequent/ less formal evaluations.

Oracle’s Human Capital Management commissioned a market research agency, Kantar TNS to conduct an international study on employee engagement:

  • Only 46% of employees say their performance is regularly assessed.
  • Just 56% think their last review was fair.
  • Moreover, 36% say their last review took into account the views of their peers.

Employers are not happy with annual reviews, either.

  • Almost 60% of recently surveyed HR leaders are unhappy with their current performance review and rating processes (giving them a grade of C or less).
  • A majority of executives (58%) believe their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance.
  • Managers and employees alike view performance reviews as a demoralizing waste of time and money.

But what can we do about that?

The evolution of HCM involves some significant changes, but these could be standard practice as soon as 2020.

Early adopters have already begun implementing these changes. Companies are using our Culture Metrics service to change their performance management by:

  • Supporting employees, managers, and business leaders with point-in-time evaluation of worker performance so organizations can coach employees and provide constant feedback and appropriate rewards
  • Setting and tracking goals across the various levels of an organization to support an ongoing performance conversation throughout the year
  • Paying for performance—and paying for potential—to help keep employees productive and working toward a high-performing culture
  • Predicting performance and attrition, determining corrective action through “what-if” scenario modeling, and providing the ability to implement that corrective action
  • Simplifying the publishing and consumption of learning materials to support continuing education and self-improvement for employees

For your FREE initial consultation on how we can make this service work for you call toll free (888) 384-9424.

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