Debt Settlement Marketing

Marqui Management offers several proven ways for Debt Settlement Companies to market their programs. Time-tested and proven methods of debt settlement marketing guarantee Debt Settlement Companies to identify and enroll new clients. We provide many of the tools needed so that you can take back control of your marketing, lower your lead and client acquisition costs and create a higher ROI, and discover why other Debt Settlement Companies have chosen to take their marketing “in-house” and how you can do the same.

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Data List Services

Whether you choose Direct Mail or Telemarketing, list selection is critical to the success of your debt settlement marketing campaign. We’re professional List Brokers. We absolutely know which list is working best for Debt Settlement Companies. From Modeled Lists, to hard to get Credit Bureau Data, we’re able to drill down and identify ideal Debt Settlement Clients. Build your Debt Settlement List by: Credit Profile, Revolving Debt Amount, Payment History, Percent of Utilization on Credit Cards, Number of Tradelines, and over 400 other attributes. Discuss which List will work best for your program with a free consultation by one of our expertly trained List Consultants by calling 888-384-9424.

Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail continues to be one of the best performing types of lead generation for debt settlement companies. If in the past you feel you’ve been oversold on non-exclusive internet leads then consider the power of Direct Mail.

Our tested and proven Mailers, combined with the best data available, prove to yield highly qualified debt settlement leads. Fresh, exclusive prospects can be calling into your office in as little as one weeks’ time. Imagine prospects calling that have at least 4 trade-lines, $20,000 in debt or more, maxed out on their credit cards, or just starting to experience minor late payments. These are ideal debt settlement leads. These are the types of prospects that we help Debt Settlement Companies find every day.

We can manage the entire campaign for you and include Call-Tracking so that every call is recorded and every hang-up captured. Never worry again about wasted leads or unanswered calls. With our professional management no leads will ever fall through the cracks again.

Telemarketing Services

If you’re considering Telemarketing for new Debt Settlement clients, Marqui Management can work with you to help ensure your campaign achieves top results. From providing the best data lists to using our Virtual Telemarketing Services, Marqui Management can provide you with all the right tools and services.

Our unique Virtual Telemarketing Services provides an easy and affordable way for companies to complete their own Telemarketing Campaign without the expense and headaches of having to do it yourself. We provide all the resources including: Data Lists, Training, Telemarketers, Phones, etc. Everything needed is provided and managed by Marqui Management – for you.

Debt Leads


Debt Leads – Pay Per Live Transfer. Demand for debt relief and debt consolidation is at an all time high and so is the competition for acquiring high quality Debt Leads. Let us Empower Your Sales Team With Our Direct Mail Debt Settlement Live Transfers.

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More consumers are falling behind on their bills than ever before. With the emergence of the Debt Management & Debt Settlement Industries, consumers now have options outside of Bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs in this niche have built successful financial management plans that help consumers get out of debt, as well as developing profitable business models. The number of consumers that need your services continues to grow. At Marqui Management we help Debt Management & Debt Settlement Companies locate these prospects.

The Debt Lead Candidate

Identifying the right candidate and profiling that consumer is the first step in creating your Ideal Debt Lead. Retention rates are fast becoming an important metric for companies to follow.

Confidence in how a Debt Lead is originated, how exclusive it is – and for how long, determines the future success for companies. Before you continue to spend more money with a Lead Vendor, consider taking back control of your marketing. We can help get that done for you. Research shows that the best debt leads contains the following:

  • 3 or More Trade-Lines
  • $15,000 or More in Consumer Revolving Debt
  • Currently Delinquent with Minor Late Payments or
  • Current on Credit Cards that are “Maxed-Out” and are about to become Delinquent
  • Are Employed or Have Means to Pay for the Program
  • Understand that their Credit will suffer from the Program, but will be in a better position at completion of program

Debt lead Solutions

Marqui Management can help you locate these prospects by targeting specific attributes found in Credit Bureau Data Lists. Drill down into these selects by pulling records by: credit profile, revolving debt amount, payment history, percent of utilization of bank cards and more. These Debt Leads are perfect for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns. You no longer have to settle for Modeled Credit Data. Our set-up is easy, and you can begin receiving Debt Leads in as little as 48 hours.

Whether your business model is Debt Management, Debt Settlement, or Interest Rate Reduction, you can build a better lead. Deliver quality debt leads to your sales force and watch response and closing rates soar!

For a Free Consultation on how you can use Debt Leads for your business, call us at 888-384-9424 or email us at and find out how easy it is to get started.

Debt Settlement Direct Mail

Deciding to use Direct Mail for a steady stream of quality leads can be a great alternative to working with Lead Vendors. Direct Mail allows Debt Settlement Companies to take back control of their marketing. At Marqui Management we understand this type of lead generation very well. In fact, we currently manage Direct Mail Campaigns for many successful Debt Settlement Companies, and are experiencing fantastic response rates. If you are looking for professional management for your campaign, where all the testing has been done for you, with lists and mail-pieces that have been mailed are proven to work, you’ve found the right place!

Full-Service Direct Mail Campaigns


Marqui Management can manage your entire campaign – from beginning to end. Your account will be professionally handled by one of our specially trained consultants.

How we structure Direct Mail Campaigns for Debt Settlement Companies

The amount of Mailers you commit to will ultimately determine your “per piece” pricing. Regardless of the amount, the same strategies will be used on 5,000 drops that we use on 100,000 drops. Our unique “birds-eye view” of what’s currently working best in Direct Mail will ensure your campaign achieves the highest response rates possible.

List Selection

List selection, who you mail to, accounts for at least 50% of the success of a Direct Mail Campaign – or more. While other companies may skimp on data, or re-use the same lists, Marqui Management guarantees that the lists we use is fresh to your campaign and include premium selects that target your specific client. As List Brokers, we know exactly what data is working best. By leveraging our resources, we can drill down and pull records by Credit Score, Revolving Debt Amount, Payment History (Current, 30, or 60 days late), Percent of Utilization (maxed out credit cards), Minimum Number of Tradelines, and over 400 other attributes. This hard to get list is what is driving qualified leads for debt settlement companies. Our expertly trained consultants can work with you to find which list will work best for your program.

Mailer Selection

Styles and Themes of Mailers play an important role in Direct Mail. The purpose of your Mailer will first be to land in the “Important” stack of mail, and then be opened. We have developed an enormous library of Direct Mail pieces from all over the country. We know what is working best. From Official style letters to Snap-Packs that almost always get opened. We have your Debt Settlement Mailer ready to go.

Mailer Copy

Our professional copywriters have many years of experience writing copy that grabs the prospect and moves them to action. Our Mailers encompass all the ingredients that will create: the interest, stir the emotion, offer solution based benefits, and encourage the prospect to pick up the phone and call today! Why try and reinvent proven Mailers that already work? By continuously A/B Split testing our Mailers, you can have confidence that the Mailer you use for your Direct Mail Campaign is the Mailer that is working best today.

Tracking Your Direct Mail

Don’t send out another Direct Mail Debt Settlement Campaign without a proper tracking in place. With today’s technology and affordability, there’s no reason not to use tracking. With our Campaigns we offer an easy to use, low cost Call-Tracking service. This affordable tracking method records all incoming calls and even captures hang-ups. Use unique Toll Free numbers on each drop to know exactly how well your campaign is running.

Full-Service Debt Relief Marketing


Get Better Results Working with Proven Marketers

As a Full-Service Marketing company, we can manage all aspects of your marketing campaign.  Whether you are developing new strategies to gain market share or are a seasoned marketing pro in your industry, partnering with Marqui Management can help you achieve the results you demand. Our experience and proven track record has been developed over the past decade by working with industry experts and through continuous, extensive testing. By partnering with us, you can enjoy the all the benefits of today’s successes without the costly expense and time otherwise spent developing a campaign on your own.

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Take Control of Your Marketing

A successful marketing campaign hinges on multiple factors converging simultaneously to achieve a common goal.  Execute all of them perfectly and reap great rewards. Mismanage one part, and be prepared for a humbling experience. Finding a trusted professional to manage your campaign is the first step to controlling your own marketing. At Marqui Management we can help drive qualified prospects at the absolute lowest cost. Our reach, expertise, and volume means we can manage your campaign – often for less than you could in house. With our collaborative approach to marketing, we can work with you to develop a campaign that best suits your needs and budget.

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail continues to help companies target prospects that best fit their product or service. But direct mail means more than just sending out a letter to prospects. We can manage your direct mail campaign from initial creative to list management, to mail house services. Our unique “birds eye view” on select industries enables us to know what works today, and equally as important, what doesn’t. Read more…

Telemarketing Services

Considering generating your own telemarketing hot transfer leads? Before you expand your office space, buy a predictive dialer, and hire employees, call us first! At Marqui Management we can set up a virtual telemarketing room for you and be transferring qualified prospects to your sales team within a week. We manage the entire process outside of your office, often for less than if you did it yourself. And with our month to month telemarketing service, it’s easy to get started and enjoy hot transfers without having a big commitment to time or money. Read more…

Internet Marketing

Having an online presence is a prerequisite to most marketing successes. Is your debt settlement company website merely a business card online or is it a 24/7 machine working to find qualified prospects? As professional Internet Marketers we can manage your Pay-Per-Click Campaign while enhancing your company’s organic rankings through search engine optimization (SEO). Read more…

Give us a call or email us at to find out how you can get started in with our Full Service Marketing.

Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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