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What Is Instagram?

Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, Instagram has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s most widely used social networking websites in the world. Since it’s purchase by Facebook, it has become the leading video, photo, and story sharing platform. Research has shown millennial are becoming less engaged on Facebook and are taking more interest in using platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Instagram marketing has a wide range of capabilities for both brands and influencers. However, the design and functionality of the platforms work better for business-to-consumer marketing strategies (B2C).

How Can Instagram Marketing Grow Your Business?

Instagram marketing is one of the fastest growing platforms, surpassing 1 billion users worldwide in 2018. Unlike Facebook, the use of hashtags, stories, and other features allow each users posts to get seen by more people.

Features Of Instagram Marketing

Marketing on Instagram has many unique features, although Instagram has taken ideas from other platforms like Snapchat Stories; for instance, the platform redesigned the experience to match their social networking app.

From implementing popular hashtags into each post or story, regularly posting Instagram Stories, interacting with targeted users/influencers, following people of authority and relevance; Instagram marketing has many unique methods of getting your brand seen and heard by the masses.

Instagram Marketing Agency & Growth Consulting Services - Best Social Media Marketing Companies

Over 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day (2014).

Instagram Marketing Pricing

As a leading Instagram marketing agency, our services are of the highest quality. While our pricing is not the highest in the industry, it certainly is not the cheapest. We do our best to provide services for every type of business and every budget with options starting as low as $89 per month, but in more advanced scenarios, enterprises could be looking to spend $10,000 to $25,000 per month (not including any advertising budget).

To speak with a Qualified Instagram Marketing Consultant, please call (888) 384-9424 or visit our local offices.

We offer a full spectrum of Instagram marketing services and Instagram growth consulting. Start generating more followers, engagement, awareness, and sales through Instagram today!

List Of Social Media Marketing Services

List Of Influencer Marketing Services

  • Target Audience Research
  • Demographic and Interest Research
  • Influencer Strategy Development
  • Vetting, Hiring and Contracting Influencers
  • Influencer Matching Report
  • Google Analytics Setup w/ Conversion Tracking
  • Competitor Intelligence Report
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Personal Consultation with Influencer SME
  • Influencer Content Recycling

About Our Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram marketing is one of the fastest social media marketing strategies to grow your business online. If you’re looking to building lasting followers, and relationships with new and existing customers, our Instagram marketing services and Iinstagram growth consulting options will surpass your goals and expectations.

For more information call to speak with one of our Instagram Marketing consultants or visit our office.

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