Nine Things You Should Never Do When Developing A Church Marketing Plan

Did you ever think that being a church marketing company could be such a challenge? In the beginning, many churches would try their best to make everything work in the marketing department. As a result, they would have a great product, high rankings on Google and other search engines, and tons of traffic flowing in. Unfortunately, they were never able to find a way to improve on these basics.

There are several mistakes that most church marketing companies make when they are trying to improve their website experiences. If you are a church marketing company or communications advisor, it is essential that you avoid these common pitfalls.

When you’re working on your overall marketing strategy, you must always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What does the church want to accomplish with this web presence?
  2. Do you intend to promote your ministries globally with a unique content and SEO strategy?

Mistake Number One:

Not creating a great first impression. It is critical for your church marketing efforts to deliver a great first impression to a new visitor consistently. Most people don’t remember the site they come to but what they do remember about you is what you have to say on your home page. If you can ensure that your web pages are inviting and informative, you will have a higher visitor conversion rate.

Mistake Number Two:

Not researching what kind of keywords work best for your marketing plan. Keywords are critical to having a successful church marketing plan. You will not be able to generate any sales without people knowing who you are. So, if you don’t know what keywords to use for your church marketing plan, make sure you research these terms and incorporate them into your overall blog.

Mistake Number Three:

Not getting back to the pastor. When people know who you are and what you have to say, they will visit your site. It is crucial to reach out to your pastor to share your information with his church members. Ask for their feedback to help you improve your blog and your overall website. Remember, a significant relationship between pastor and church members will lead to loyal church attendance.

Mistake Number Four:

Not hiring an effective church marketing team. A great marketing strategy is a group effort. If you’re not able to put together a great marketing strategy yourself, then hire an effective church marketing team to help you. They can help you optimize your website content, social media accounts, and blogs for conversions.

Mistake Number Five:

Not planning to innovate continuously. We live in an information age. If your church is not on the internet, you lose out on countless opportunities to communicate with new converts. Every church marketing company is competing for the attention of new church members. You must continually be innovating to remain at the forefront of your communities’ marketing strategy.

Mistake Number Six:

Using old methods. Research shows that the best time to introduce a marketing strategy is not when you’re first starting. It is not best to implement a marketing strategy when your church has been around for more than ten years. As your audience ages, it becomes harder to draw them in. Instead, focus on incorporating new technologies and creative ways to reach out to your church’s members.

Mistake Number Seven:

Relying on traditional direct mail and email campaigns to serve as church marketing tools. Direct mail and email marketing strategies have become less effective over the years. The most effective strategy is the inbound marketing strategies. These strategies include sending newsletters to potential customers, hosting webinars, conducting teleseminars, and having video clips uploaded to YouTube.

Mistake Number Eight:

Not having an effective church marketing plan in place. Having a solid marketing plan helps manage your budget and track your return on investment (ROI). It also allows you to develop targeted marketing messages and focus on the audience most interested in your services. Without a comprehensive marketing plan, leaders may spend funds in areas that will not benefit the church. A good church marketing plan should include keyword research, web analytics, creating quality content, and email marketing.

Mistake Number Nine:

Relying on outbound marketing techniques to serve as a church marketing plan. Most of the traditional advertising methods are ineffective for church marketing. The top three outbound marketing techniques include direct mail, online advertising, and television. Outbound marketing costs more than inbound marketing, and it does not bring you anywhere near the results. If you cannot afford an expensive outbound marketing campaign, you need to find affordable ways to reach the church.

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