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Law firm marketing has come a long way in the last decade. In the early, to mid-’90s Los Angeles law firms were all about the same – corporate clients and mass marketing and the occasional product launch. Now, Los Angeles law firms are experiencing a growth spurt in business that is not directly correlated to the economy or the state’s popularity. The growth in venture capital funding may be one of the primary factors.

Law firm marketing is undergoing a makeover. For decades law firms rely on the mass media to get their names out and promote their services. Now, law firm marketing is turning to digital media and online networking to promote their practice.

One of the new trends in this arena is creating and implementing social media accounts for law firms. These accounts are designed to act as online “portals” to the law firm’s website. The firm’s current website is frequently promoted alongside the social networking account. In some cases, the firm will have links to its blog or a news feed from a third-party content provider.

Another trend in law firm marketing is the creation of LinkedIn profiles. Lawyers who use their professional networks like LinkedIn to build their professional image will find this helpful in generating new business. Lawyers can include a brief bio highlighting their notable accomplishments, experience, and areas of specialization. They may also recommend that current and potential clients visit their website. While the content is informative, a link to a firm website is always included.

Many law offices have also begun accepting online applications. These allow users to fill out a form and submit it to the office. The forms often request specific demographic information and search engine preferences. Once the application is submitted, it will undergo review by the firm’s HR department.

Many law firms have also begun accepting applications through digital platforms. These platforms include websites, blogs, and email marketing campaigns. The goal of these platforms is to promote the firm and attract new clients. Because the applications are available to the public, the firm must invest in its online presence.

Law firm marketing that includes social media engagement will be the most effective in generating leads. Marketing that uses blogs, online profiles, and social media will reach a target audience more effectively. Additionally, this type of marketing allows the firm to receive feedback from its customers. These interactions can help the law firm fine-tune its strategies.

Finally, some law firms are turning to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This form of law firm marketing requires the firm to pay for each visitor that comes to its website. Many smaller law firms have already adopted this method. Although it does cost money, the results have been impressive. Some of the top PPC advertising programs have been recently acquired by large law firms.

An intelligent advertising program allows the firm to determine exactly who will be interested in its services. This helps the law firm focuses its marketing efforts in areas where growth is possible. For example, a marketing campaign that targets medical billing may not be as successful if it targets a different sector. Therefore, law firms should carefully evaluate their market areas before choosing which marketing strategies to implement.

While a law firm’s reputation is one of its most important assets, other factors can also play a vital role in a firm’s success. For example, a marketing plan can help the firm get ahead of the competition. It can also help the firm to gain a competitive advantage because it will allow the law firm to develop a unique selling point (USP).

When deciding how to approach marketing, it is essential to remember that there is no “One Marketing Policy.” Instead, each firm must figure out its own unique USP. Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses, and marketing for every firm must therefore be formulated with each firm in mind. Additionally, marketing plans should not be designed for a specific size of business. A law firm that has ten attorneys does not need the same marketing plan as a firm with one attorney.

Law firms can take advantage of a variety of online marketing sources such as Blogs, podcasts, social networking, and more. A blog, for example, can provide insights and opinions from an objective viewpoint, while a podcast can be distributed to those within the target market. Additionally, legal marketing can include connecting with potential clients via email campaigns and advertisements on billboards and in magazines. To get the best results, law firm marketing should be designed around each firm’s strengths and capabilities.

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