The Best Plumber Marketing Strategies

Plumber Marketing is a specialized niche. This can make it challenging to distinguish yourself from thousands of plumbers competing for customers in search engines. Plumber Marketing, unlike many niches, revolves around one or two techniques that work best for that market.

The top nine plumber marketing techniques for any given stage of a business are: Claim your Google listing, Build a professional plumbing site, Create an optimized Facebook page, Work requests, Build a reputation.

Below is a brief description of each of these Plumber Marketing strategies.

Claim Your Google Listing

Plumber Marketing can be all about great content, but it’s also all about how you get that content out there. Plumbing websites like Google My Business have millions of businesses listed. That allows you to claim your place in Google’s list of approved cities/states/provinces. Every time someone searches for a plumber, you can be sure that your Plumber Marketing will work. Just be sure that you have natural positive reviews on GMB before submitting your profile or information to potential customers.

Build a Plumbing Company Profile

The main goal of Plumber Marketing is to promote your plumbing company or contractor online and build a solid customer base. An excellent way to build a strong customer base and the ultimate advantage of plumber marketing is through building your online presence. The easiest way to do this is to start creating a Facebook page for your plumbing company. You can achieve this by getting local businesses to add you on Facebook. The key to getting local businesses to add you is by having a compelling plumber marketing video or article.

Plumbing company owners who don’t have an account on Facebook can create a page for their company. Once you’ve set up a page, make sure that it is professionally designed. It should have a clean, professional look and feel. You can also integrate Facebook’s ads functionality into your plumbing company’s online marketing campaign. By having these ads on your webpage, customers will find out about new products that your plumbing company has to offer.

Advertise through Social Media

Plumbing companies are increasingly using social media to market their company. To get the most out of plumber marketing through social media, you need to invest time into developing your online marketing strategy. Like plumbers, we believe it’s essential to have a Facebook, Google+, and Twitter presence. When you join these three popular social media platforms, you’ll be able to provide updates on promotions and news. You can also upload a blog that details what services you can provide to potential clients.

Use Customer Service to Build Up Your List

One of the best ways to ensure that your marketing strategy works is by creating a list of prospects and sending out messages encouraging them to work with you. For example, if you own and operate a handyman service, you can post information on your websites, such as special offers and promotions. You can also use customer service to respond to questions and build up a list of leads.

When people answer with a positive mindset, you can send them short offers and newsletters. The key to this approach is to work through the customer’s mind and convince him or her that you are the person for the job.

Grow Your Subscribers’ List

Since you’ve chosen to target an audience that is interested in plumbing businesses, it’s likely that they’re also interested in finding more information about plumbing companies. To grow your subscriber list, you can submit articles to article directories, send emails to subscribers and participate in forums. There are many avenues that you can take to expose your business to potential customers. It’s important that you work through all of these methods because growing an audience using social networking is not easy. It requires a great deal of effort to grow your network.

The bottom line is that marketing for plumbers should be an extension of your plumbing company’s goals. If you want to get the most out of marketing for plumbers online, it’s crucial that you work hard at promoting your business locally. You can utilize the same tactics used on the Internet to grow your subscriber base while also promoting your local businesses locally. This is a great way to get the exposure you need in order to expand your market.

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