How to Increase Profits in the Self-Storage Business With PPC and Online Rentals

Whether you own an industrial unit or just rent one, securing space in a reputable self-storage facility can be essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Yet if you want to get the most out of your facility, you need the right self-storage marketing strategies in place. A little forethought goes a long way, so here are some simple but effective steps to take:

One of the most common forms of self-storage marketing involves sending out flyers and leaving signboards outside the facility. Many businesses use flyers to inform potential customers of their services and other important information they should be aware of.

It is a good idea to use a bright color printing on black paper with dark font, to draw the attention of passersby quickly.

Using a similar style and font to the flyer is also helpful. Think of a quick, short message that explains your self-storage marketing services and why they’re a good fit for the customer. Keep it fast, simple, and to the point to avoid creating unnecessary concerns and doubts about your business.

Another common form of self-storage marketing often employed is pay-per-click ads. In this case, a company pays a small fee each time a visitor clicks on its ads. The ads are generally targeted towards a local audience; therefore, companies targeting college students, seniors, or high school students may find themselves more successful than companies focusing advertisements towards middle-aged or older adults. Pay-per-click ads require some upfront fees, but the traffic generated through them can be invaluable in gaining valuable leads.

A newer addition to the list of self-storage marketing ideas is e-mail marketing. Many people send daily e-newsletters that include information about their facility and what they offer. Today, more people are taking advantage of this option because it doesn’t cost as much as other advertising methods, and it allows storage owners to reach people who might not have access to the internet otherwise. This is especially effective for college students or seniors who would otherwise not be able to afford a mailing list.

The last type of marketing idea is through the media. Several newspapers and radio stations aim their ads at people living in the area. This can be beneficial because many regular readers could miss the storage facility’s location, but it has a much better chance of becoming noticed when it does make the cut.

One great way to market a self-storage facility is through referral incentives. Ask friends and family members if they would recommend working with a particular company. Pass out the brochures and leaflets for them to take home and then offer to pay each of them ten dollars for a referral. It only costs one dollar to give a referral, so this will definitely work in one month. If each person referred completes their first rental, the facility will have earned themselves ten dollars in profit!

Finally, some storage companies allow customers to place up to three business advertisements with the company. These are generally placed online and in the local newspaper. When customers complete an order online, they will be given a link to a landing page. At this point, they can click on an advertisement and fill out their contact information. Now, all they need to do is confirm their order, and it will be shipped out to the customer in no time at all. Self-storage providers know it takes twenty-four hours to ship an item, so placing an order through a reputable and reliable online storage provider like Omni Storage, LLC can be very advantageous to a business’s bottom line.

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