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Logo design from the top logo designers in Dallas, Fort-Worth metroplex. Marqui Management is a reputation marketing and brand consulting firm located in Allen, helping local businesses like your through vivid visual elements featuring Graphic Design, Web Design, and Interactive Design.

Logos are literally the face of your business. Call 888-384-9424 to get a redesigned logo or new corporate logo that will increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat buyers through captivating visuals.

Marqui Management establishes your brand through vivid graphic design, web design, visuals, logos, colors & typefaces.

Different Types of Logos

Learn what type of logo best fits your business by understanding the most popular types of designs – letter mark, wordmark, brandmark, and iconic logotype.

Choosing the Best Logo Design For Your Brand


Logo Design is perhaps one of the most important elements of your business. Your logo defines your business. It is what makes it distinct from your competition. If your logo design services provider doesn’t offer a clear and memorable logo, then you won’t be able to let people know that you exist.

A good logo is also an investment that will last for many years.

When you invest money and time into something that will reflect your company publicly, you need to place your trust in someone who knows what they are doing. There is nothing worse than investing time and resources in creating a logo which no one wants.

  • This immediately drains your company’s credibility.
  • If you get this first impression wrong, your customers will not understand your brand or message.

Here are just five reasons why a logo design service is a crucial choice to make.

1. A logo design service might create unique logo ideas, but they are not likely to create a logo that represents your brand strongly.

Good logo designers understand the importance of logo design in building a brand image. They will therefore be able to create logos that aren’t too generic but still very recognizable. You should therefore choose a logo design agency that specializes in brand design, not just logo design.

2. A professional logo design firm will have the latest technology available to them.

They will use cutting-edge technology and computer graphics software to make sure that your logos stand out. If they don’t have the best tools, or if your logo doesn’t look like it could have been created by a computer graphic design company, then you are risking putting your brand at risk. Any good logo design service will only use the highest quality graphic design software.

3. Your logo design should be tailored to your actual business needs.

Some businesses only seem to look at the logo design when they have to focus on a marketing message on a very narrow group of people. In this case, the logo would be completely irrelevant, as it would be competing with millions of other companies. A specialist logo design agency will work closely with you to identify your target audience and then tailor your logos to make sure they are as effective as possible. The logo should be seen by the intended audience.

4. Logo Design Done Right The First Time

If you need a logo for something, say, for example, your business name, then it is absolutely essential that you get your logo design right the first time. Poorly designed graphics can mean that you will not be able to make the right first impression. If you use an untrustworthy logo design firm, then it is likely that nobody will even see your logo, let alone know that a specialist designed it. Anyone aware that experts have designed your brand will instinctively trust the design and consider your brand more seriously.

There are many different areas where you can find a logo design service. You could first visit a company called Canva, which specializes in custom logo design, canvas printing, and branding products.

  • A company like Canva is more ideal if you simply would like to try to design your own logo.
  • Canva will allow you to create a logo online that you can use for your business or personal purposes.
  • They will help you through every step of the process, from choosing your design to proofing and beyond.
  • They can provide you with various options in various shapes and sizes, which ultimately means that you can create the perfect custom logo for your business needs.
5. The font is also an essential factor when it comes to creating a logo design for your business.

Experts recommend that you use a customizable, professional font that has a simple but striking design. It is always best to choose a font that will complement your branding. You should avoid using fonts that have too much decoration or ornamentation, as this will make your logo design look distinctive and haphazard. Your font should also be easy to read, especially if you are going to include any graphics, whether they are text or images. For example, if you are going to have a logo displayed above a list of services and your customers’ names, you should ensure that they can all be clearly seen.

Logo Design Company

Looking for a professional logo designer or custom logo design services in Dallas, TX? We’d be happy to explore putting this new approach to work for your business. Hire the best freelance Logo Designers in Dallas, TX on Upwork™, Fiverr™, Thumbtack™, and Freelancer™. Call us today (888) 384-9424 and our Branding Experts will match you with the top Logo Designers in Dallas for your Logo Design project.

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