Companies usually seek our help when the necessary skill set and experience are not available in-house or when additional resources are needed to implement a significant program of change. For example:

Strategic Business Management Audit

Through a process of interactive interviews with Directors, Senior Managers and “on the job” observation with front-line staff, short and long-term business strategy and resource planning can be evaluated. Such projects of a pre-determined duration are concluded by the formal presentation of a detailed Observations and Recommendations report.

Sales Audit

When taking your business in a new direction, or launching a new range of products to a different sector, the Sales Audit provides fast, accurate feedback on the ability of your existing sales force to meet compliment the new strategy. We select members of the team and line managers to accompany in the field and benchmark their performance against best practice principles.

Formal or verbal feedback is provided so that the necessary structural changes or a focused training program are put into place.

Sales Force Health Check

Most clients value this service. Selected individuals operating within the sales force structure, from top producers down, and are accompanied for 1-2 days. They are then assessed against industry key performance indicators to identify the “capability gap” between current ability, and that required. All data captured is then translated into a Training Plan that may include a blend of in-company tailored training and performance coaching.

General Consultancy

For those clients, without a Personnel or Human Resources Department, our Management Consultancy can provide access to Consultants that can manage interim, short or long term projects to design and implement H. R. processes and procedures to meet the needs of your business.

Alternatively, maybe you are seeking support in the construction of job descriptions, appraisal systems or competency-based performance measurements.

Assessment Centers

If you are considering a significant recruitment initiative and you wish to put external and internal candidates through an Assessment Center, then we can help.

Our Management Consultancy can coordinate and manage such an event for you or maybe you are seeking additional support to eliminate some of the risks of recruitment and selection. Either way, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

For your FREE initial consultation on how we can make this service work for you call toll free (888) 384-9424.

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