Marketing Automation & Demand Generation For Your Sales Force

Business-to-business direct marketers have unique needs compared to marketers in other industries such as e-commerce or consumer goods, who typically focus on generating high-level interest and brand awareness. Beyond these responsibilities, direct marketers bear the paramount responsibility of continuously generating qualified sales leads to fill the pipeline.

Yet, marketing automation solutions on the market today typically offer a one-size fits all approach to executing online marketing programs, failing to recognize the unique B2B needs – until now.

What is marketing automation and how can it grow your business?

Marketing automation is the technological methods of achieving tasks with little to no effort. Marketing automation gives businesses opportunities to better manage their relations with leads and customers. Implementing automated marketing systems allow your brand to consistently and effectively communicate with your audience or database, based on their individual interests and past interactions.

Imagine having the capability to reach new prospects and attract and maintain current customers, saving you both time and money. The benefits of marketing automation and business growth are virtually unlimited as each process is developed solely for that business or professional.

An automated marketing strategy also offers a smooth transition from website visits, social media interaction, to email nurturing once you’ve embedded an opt-in email form to request more information from visitors on your website.


63% of companies outgrowing their competitors are using automation. – Lenskold

The time it takes for inbound marketing leads to be contacted after providing their information is crucial. Prospects are more likely to stay engaged with faster response times, so having an automated process in place is vital to conversions.

Marqui Management developed a revolutionary software-as-a-service (SAAS) demand generation platform made for the extraordinary needs of direct marketers. Beyond executing and tracking high-level online campaigns, Marqui Management allows you to continuously generate demand by automatically nurturing leads through the pipeline, resulting in increased demand and revenues.

Demand Generation 101

What is demand generation and how can it grow your business?

Demand Generation (noun) – A holistic approach to increase sales through programmatic, automated marketing and enhanced cooperation between sales and marketing.

To date sales and marketing have lived worlds apart while working towards a shared goal of growing revenues.

  • Marketers executed isolated campaigns with little insight into the impact on the overall pipeline and accountability.
  • Campaign metrics like email open-rates and click-through rates are reported while having little representation on the impact on the pipeline.
  • Leads are often passed to the sales department (sales) before they’re ready to buy while sales is faulted for not closing enough of the leads to hitting their goal.
  • Accustomed to low-quality leads, sales doesn’t follow-up on leads and faults marketing for not providing enough qualified leads for them to hit their goal.
  • Mechanisms for nurturing leads that aren’t ready to buy aren’t in place.

These challenges have been caused by:

  1. Institutional memory – Set company processes of how business is conducted, passed on from one generation of employees to the next.
  2. Organizational challenges – Sales and marketing operating as independent entities.
  3. Technology barriers – Sales and marketing working on independent data systems.

Demand generation is a fresh alternative that allows managers to eliminate or minimize many of these challenges. Technology is the agent of change fueling demand generation.

At its core, demand generation is sales and marketing working together in a common, shared framework to boost sales. The framework is solidified through a fully integrated sales and marketing technology platform, creating a closed loop sales and marketing pipeline while developing tight communication and teamwork between the groups. The results represent a paradigm shift in the sales/marketing relationship:

  • Leads are nurtured through the pipeline using the power of marketing automation, providing a constant stream of qualified leads to sales.
  • Marketers link campaigns directly to closed deals for actionable metrics.
  • Marketing feeds sales valuable information into prospects interests and behaviors, identifying WHO to contact and WHAT to talk to them about.
  • Prospects that fail to purchase are fed back into the pipeline for continuous engagement.

Marqui Management Lead Scoring

  • 1-hour Implementation
  • Align Sales and Marketing
  • Highly Configurable

Marqui Management is the most flexible, advanced Lead Scoring solution in the industry. Our powerful technology numerically ranks leads based on their level of qualification, which may include lead attributes (industry, title, etc.), purchase intent (budget, timeline, authority), and level of interest in your company and offering (website visits, whitepapers downloads, search terms).

Marqui Management Lead Scoring is deeply integrated with other platforms like, allowing virtually any field to be factored into a lead score configuration.

A configurable solution, Marqui Management Lead Scoring system is easy to use. Decide you want to add new lead score criteria? No problem. Simply modify the scoring attributes through Marqui Management’s easy-to-use interface and all leads will be quickly re-scored based on your new criteria. No added cost, no consultants necessary – just improved sales and marketing alignment for increased revenue.

Marqui Management Lead Scoring is deeply integrated with with what we call our “Demand Booster,” Marqui Management’s lead nurturing capability, ensuring that the most qualified leads are automatically sent to sales for decisive follow-up – while remaining leads are nurtured through Marqui Management’s powerful automation.

Email Campaign Monitoring & Management

Email marketing and email campaigns are a critical tool in any direct marketer’s tool belt. Marqui Management’s email capabilities are tailored for the specific goals of direct marketers – generating leads and helping sales close deals. With Marqui Management marketers can easily send out emails “on-behalf-of” sales reps, allowing sales to focus on closing business – not executing time-consuming outbound emails. Marqui Management’s email capabilities combined with Demand Booster automatically engage leads based on their response to a campaign.

Key functionality includes:

  • Powerful list management through our Prospect Builder algorithm in building a list of leads to target based on firmographic or marketing response data.
  • Modify email content through an easy-to-use interface with little or no IT involvement.
  • Drive email recipients through customized landing pages with Prospect Pages™ for increased registration rates.
  • Manage all blocklists, subscribes, and unsubscribes, enabling compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Delivery of our customer’s email is of utmost importance to Marqui Management. Through a past partnership with Pivotal Veracity, Marqui Management works to ensure that all opt-in email is delivered on behalf of our customers. As an additional service, Marqui Management customers can test an email to identify content that may cause deliverability issues before the email is sent.

Web Analytics

With more than 75 reports that can be broken down for any customer or time period, Marqui Management provides direct marketers with extensive insight into the effectiveness of their web site in generating sales leads.

Key functionality includes:

  • Conversion Funnels – Track how web site visitors progress through an online registration process. Identify bottlenecks and make the necessary changes to improve site registrations and lead generation initiatives.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – Track and analyze the effectiveness of Google Ads and other PPC programs in generating leads. Link PPC programs directly to closed deals for ROI tracking and improved marketing spend. Notify sales which keywords leads clicked to identify interests before engagement.
  • Campaign Analysis – Segment website traffic for any email, PPC or banner ad, or direct mail piece to track and analyze the level of success; implement improvements for improved marketing spend.
  • Detailed Click-Path Analysis – Effectively track how visitors move through a website. Understand the key messages that prospects take away from a web site.
  • Advanced Personalization – Choose how you collect and view intelligence to make critical business decisions using executive dashboards, scheduled report delivery to key decision makers via email.

Benefits Of Marketing Automation & Demand Generation

With Marqui Management you have the power to go beyond legacy email and web analytics applications to drive your business to new heights.

Key benefits include:

  1. Increase Demand – Automate processes to move leads deeper into the pipeline, ensuring a constant stream of qualified leads.
  2. Bridge Marketing & Sales – Increase communication between marketing and sales for increased efficiency and teamwork. Alert sales when a prospect is looking to buy.
  3. Boost Marketing Efficiency – Track online marketing programs and link directly to opportunities generated for effective ROI tracking.
  4. Optimize Valuable Sales Resources – Move cumbersome sales communications to marketing while helping sales identify leads that are most likely to purchase.

Increase Demand

Marqui Management is a complete demand generation provider made specifically for the unique needs of marketers supporting a direct sales force. With Marqui Management, consistently increase demand and revenues by identifying new leads, improving the quality of leads, and arming sales with information to help them close deals faster.

  • Automatically nurture leads deeper into the sales pipeline with Demand Booster, ensuring a constant flow of qualified leads.
  • Notify sales that a “hot” lead is on the website, allowing sales to engage while leads are most interested.
  • Identify anonymous website visitors with Prospect Builder™, generating new sales opportunities that would typically go unnoticed.
  • Boost online registration rates for increasing lead generation with customized landing pages made possible through Prospect Pages™.
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of online marketing programs and PPC advertising through advanced Web Analytics and Email.

Bridge Marketing & Sales

Close the Great Divide.

Some groups find it difficult to work together – sales and marketing shouldn’t be one of them.

Marqui Management creates deep integration between sales and marketing teams, encouraging teamwork towards a shared goal – increasing revenue and success. Through deep integration of Marqui Management with, marketing and sales work from a single platform, increasing communication and teamwork. A unified marketing and sales pipeline allow a holistic view of marketing and sales processes.

Deep integration means:

  • Automatically assign follow-up tasks to sales reps based upon user-defined responses to a marketing program.
  • Alert sales when a lead visits a website to gather information, allowing for timely follow-up while the company is on top of mind
  • Easy access to historical marketing response behavior, including webpages, visited, collateral downloads, and emails opened or forwarded, providing sales with valuable insight.

Boost Marketing Efficiency

Measure. Improve. Repeat.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s why it’s critical that direct marketers have a powerful set of tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs in generating demand.

Marqui Management offers robust reporting of online marketing programs, enabling constant improvement and increased revenue generation.

  • Powerful web analytics provide advanced website analysis to improve registration and usability.
  • PPC & Search engine analysis directly links keyword buys to website traffic and closed deals for dynamic allocation of budget and increased ROI.
  • Through deep integration with marketing campaigns are directly linked to opportunities opened and closed for the easy ROI calculation.
  • Execute and track email campaigns and the impact they’re having in generating leads.

Optimize Valuable Sales Resources

Focus on Deals – not Dead-Ends.

For many successful companies, the problem isn’t a lack of sales leads – it’s identifying which leads to focus on. This is where Marqui Management can help. Marqui Management combined with the leading worldwide on-demand CRM system,, enables you to:

  • Alert sales when a lead visits your website, allowing for timely follow-up while your products and company are on top of mind.
  • Arm sales with insight into marketing response behavior, including website pages, viewed, collateral downloaded, allowing them to quickly talk to interests and pain-points at the beginning of a conversation.
  • Deliver more than a name. Through Demand Booster, marketing can continue to nurture leads to develop a genuine interest and willingness to buy before sales take ownership, allowing sales to focus on business that’s most likely to close.
  • Execute email campaigns on-behalf-of sales reps, allowing them to focus on closing deals instead of sending out cumbersome emails.

Marketing Automation Pricing

Affordable, Easy-to-Use Demand Generation.

Marqui Management is unlike competitive products on the market. It’s been developed for the unique need of both B2B marketers and B2C companies, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable.

While many competitive products on the market are sold based on modules with a constant up-sell in mind, Marqui Management is different.

Marqui Management delivers all the power you need in one complete platform. When a customer purchases Marqui Management, they receive all the features at one affordable price. For more information about pricing, please call one of our Marketing Automation Consultants at 888-384-9424 or send us an email.

Our Marketing Automation Strategy and Services include combing aspects of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design/Landing Page Creation & Optimization, Generating Press Coverage & Press Releases, and more.

Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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