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Marqui Management is a nationally based consulting company, focused on building organizations through the execution of strategic sales management.

Our services include: Consulting, Seminars, Motivational Events, Sales Management Board of Advisors, and Certification Programs.

Our client focus is technology and service-based organizations, ranging from early stage, turnaround, to global based corporations.

Strategic Sales Management: Planning Through Execution

D’Vaughn Bell, Marqui Management strategic sales management is the key to building your organization and guaranteeing business success. Marqui Management will assist you in creating a strategic sales management program that creates positive, predictable revenue.

When you take your sales and marketing groups to the next level of achievement, you take your business to the next level of success. Marqui Management offers consulting services that can help you reach that next level. Our first priority is to understand your objectives. Then we design proven and creative strategies along with the correct tactics to “hit the mark.”

We work with you and your team to build an atmosphere of positive motivation, guided by directive plans and focused management. Our commitment is unique; Not only do we create a personalized plan, we then continue to work with you and your team to execute that program. We understand the market, the operational issues, and the necessary tactics to implement a sales plan. Experienced in developing, and building sales groups and executing proven programs for organizations in the early stage, high-growth, and turnaround situations, Marqui Management helps you achieve your goals by providing:

  • sales management planning
  • organizational design
  • recruitment strategies
  • compensation planning
  • market and territory analysis
  • strategic alliance program development
  • salesperson development programs
  • distribution/channel management strategies
  • account management strategies

Our Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

We get to the heart of your matter immediately with an assessment process that provides the basis for creating an action-oriented program. We stay involved throughout the implementation of that plan, working with your management team to ensure execution of all tactical steps. The new systems that we develop will continue to serve as standard operating processes within your organization.

Components of A Strategic Sales Management Plan

A strategic sales management program must complement corporate business marketing plans and include:

  • business and market overview
  • monthly activity tactical plans to build market dominance
  • target account planning
  • sales organizational design plan for the next 24 months
  • definition of the sales process
  • measurement of success factors and targets
    channel strategy
  • sales technology plans and process
  • sales certification programs
  • recruitment strategy, processdevelopment of strategic partners and alliances
  • revenue and quota forecasting tools
  • compensation plans and objectives

Situational Sales Management

As a business progresses, effective and systematic sales management becomes even more crucial. An early stage company entering new markets, with new products, must establish a comprehensive sales management systems to attract, build and manage a distribution channel. For high-growth companies that are launching new products that will affect the company’s future, more sophisticated strategic sales management is required to outpace the product penetration and distribution channel development.

Therefore, sales management systems must be established to attract, build and manage appropriate distribution channels. If an organization’s revenues have flattened or declined, sales management has clearly failed to establish critical links within the sales organization’s structure.

Channel Development

D’Vaughn Bell, Marqui Management, over the past ten years, Marqui Management has helped hundreds of Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, TechData, Ingram, SolidWorks and CA partners improve their performance by helping them transform their product-based businesses into solution-based practices.

Creating a profitable, high-performance channel that is self-sustaining enables channel managers to achieve their targets more cost-effectively. To help you achieve success, we use our vast repertoire of real-world content that we have gained through working with partners in a variety of environments, consulting with partner organizations, and our collective channel-based organizational leadership.

D’Vaughn’s presentation was an excellent precursor to the Cisco Partner Summit. He clearly understands the challenges of a channel partner. He presents his information so we can digest, process and apply it. If you can apply what he presents, you’re going to be ahead of your competitors.

As companies continue to focus on their core competencies, we often neglect the core attributes that will enable even more success. D’Vaughn Bell’s presentation helps put it back in focus. He addresses core leadership principles that most of us can recognize, but need to be brought back to the front in this manner. We approach most workshops or seminars with a ‘we don’t have time for it’ attitude; D’Vaughn does an excellent job of emphasizing the points and their importance while remaining connected to the audience and not sounding patronizing.

Kyle van Hoften, Director of Marketing, Global CTI Group.

Ask us about topics for conference keynotes, break out sessions, web-based training, Advisory Boards, regional workshops and consulting services.

Contact Us Today at 888-384-9424 for a free consultation.

Marqui Management Sales Certification Development Programs

In highly competitive markets, the company’s sales professionals must fully understand multi-level sales skills, product/service offerings, industry expertise, client industry knowledge, all competitive market offerings, and personal career development skills. Our fully developed certification program is designed, to begin with, an entry-level salesperson and continually progress them through to an experienced professional.

D’Vaughn Bell, Marqui Management brings you the expertise, technology, and capability to develop and launch a corporate-wide sales certification program.

The benefits of creating a sales certification program can be enormous: lower turnover, better customer relationships, industry recognition and the ability to recruit more effectively. Today, end-users are saying that they want resources, people who are trusted and consultative in nature, with a new approach. Unfortunately, most sales organizations are focused only on selling their products/services and the achievement of sales quotas.

In a study of the Top 10 Sales Organizations in the United States the following attributes were identified:

  1. The best sales practices are consistent from industry to industry
  2. A structured sales process is key to success
  3. Sales effectiveness is essential
  4. Team sales prevail
  5. Business strategies come first
  6. Sales is a corporate priority
  7. Training and recruitment are critically important
  8. Corporate image and branding is important to sales
  9. Sales compensation is linked to corporate objectives
  10. Corporate culture is deep & consistent
  11. Sales is a highly valued career

Certification Programs help to ensure that everything in your organization is linked, tested, verified and delivered.

The concept of ensuring success is not only having the fundamentals in place, but a sales certification program designed to build belief in your company, your service/product, and verify that your representatives know what they need to know. Certification programs will separate your organization from the competitors and create an atmosphere of high performance.

The certified salesperson must master each area within the company and annually continue to enhance their level of skill and knowledge. The level of the salesperson’s expertise, their experience, and overall responsibility will dictate to what levels of depth each category demands.

The baseline sections of a Sales Certification program must cover the following components:

  • Company Mission, Vision, Message, Value Proposition
    This builds belief in the Company
  • Company Internal Process and Operations
    How and Why we do what we do
  • Understanding Your Organizations Industry
    Know the Trends / Issues
  • Understanding the Clients Business
    Financial and Strategy Elements
  • Understanding the Clients Industry
    What are the various components, issues, trends, etc?
  • Sales Skills
    Resolution Process / Presentation Skills / Account & Territory Strategy & Tactics / Sales Skills Forecasting / Sales Tools & Technology

Each section is designed with:

  • Self-study materials, case studies, role-playing, and peer review
  • Realistic course material
  • A thorough evaluation process to ensure that the salesperson has mastered the information.
  • A scoring system to set the level of performance expectation

During each 6-month period the salesperson would submit, both to management and a peer group, a plan to improve their skill level, personal development, Industry knowledge and product/service information. These may include: in-house course material, outside seminars, classroom work, and self-study.

With the advent of e-business, multi-channel issues, and international competition, the need for a more cost-effective delivery approach becomes critical. With the increase in the commodity of offerings and lack of product/service differentiation, today’s alert organizations are coming back to the real difference in most organizations- our people. We must commit to making them our real company differentiators. We can achieve this by building a sales certification program.

Services Synonymous with Growth

For the past 13 years, Marqui Management services have been building organizations through the execution of business and sales management strategies. This experience provides our clients the ability to accelerate revenues and build sustainable business models that increase sales, lower the cost of sales, improve productivity and increase market penetration.

Through a variety of services—consulting, speaking, training, mentoring, certification—Marqui Management aligns clients’ objectives with the components that are critical for continued success:

  • Organizational design
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Compensation planning
  • Market and territory analysis
  • Strategic alliance program development
  • Salesperson/organization development programs
  • Distribution/channel management strategies
  • Account management strategies
  • Measurement programs

Start building success with Marqui Management services that have illuminated, motivated and rejuvenated the sales efforts of hundreds of early stage, turnaround and major corporations companies throughout North America.

Sales Management Advisory Board

Our premise is simple—either in a one-to-one coaching session or by bringing together a group of individuals with sales management responsibility that wish to share, learn, cooperate and succeed—we help people succeed.

Many sales management professionals do not have the opportunity to consult with others about the challenges of their job, seek advice, get coaching or gain motivation when it’s needed.

Over the years, we have found a number of diverse challenges that individuals with sales management responsibility face.

We are:

  • Responsible for Corporate Revenue Generation
  • Responsible to Corporate Management
  • Responsible to our Sales Team
  • A Customer / Client Spokesperson
  • Handling Inner Corporate / Divisional Relationships
  • Managing Time / Energy / Emotional Cycles
  • Managing Multiple Resources

That’s why Marqui Management is now offering a select group of sales management professionals what has been previously available only for CEOs and presidents – an on-going professional group that works together to assist, nurture and challenge thinking. Here’s a unique opportunity to enhance your performance by sharing plans, accomplishments, and problems with your peers within a secure, high-level environment.

A new Marqui Management Sales Management Board of Advisors is forming – 10 monthly meetings for two hours each on the third Thursday of each month. Some of the topics we’ll visit are:

  • Sales Certification Programs
  • Hiring More Effectively, Making the Right Choice
  • Learning to Coach and Being Coached
  • The Personnel Side of Company Interactions
  • Learning to Work More Effectively with Your Management Team
  • Management and Psychology of Leading
  • Business Strategies of the Future
  • Creating Culture
  • Personal Focus
  • Branding and Sales/Marketing Management

Make the commitment to grow professionally and personally.
Contact us quickly to take advantage of this limited charter membership offer:

The purpose of the Sales Management Advisory Board is to create a monthly event where a small group of individuals can learn more about their career, share the challenges they face, and gain insights into how other individuals with similar responsibilities drive their business and solve problems. You will also hear and learn about your peers’ plans and assist them in their growth. In this group problem sharing and solving environment, you are able to learn from their problems and solutions translating it to your situation.

Why Choose D’Vaughn Bell – The Marqui Management Difference

D’Vaughn Bell, President of Marqui Management, shares his 10-plus years of sales and management leadership in an energetic, interactive delivery style that fully engages audiences. He infuses keynotes and presentations with real-life anecdotes, client examples, and philosophies that inspire performance. His seminars and workshops deliver solid, practical tools and solutions your team can implement immediately to improve your company’s bottom line.

He is a powerful speaker with the power to make people believe in themselves and in their organization. Participants leave believing that they can do better and reach goals with the skills they have learned from D’Vaughn.

Request more information on how D’Vaughn will help you inspire and enhance the performance of your entire organization.

Resources that Accelerate Growth

Marqui Management shares proven resources for accelerating revenues and building sustainable business models that increase sales, lower the cost of sales, improve productivity and increase market penetration. Many are complimentary to help you jumpstart changes that build predictable revenue with an accountable sales organization.

  • Use our interactive assessments to unmask barriers to your company’s success:
  • Sales Management Audit
  • Sales Compensation Audit
  • Business Management Assessment
  • Business Success, Revenue Growth

Marqui Management builds successful organizations and accelerates revenue growth through tactical execution and strategic business and sales management.

We jump start early-stage companies. We turn struggling companies around. We help global corporations grow market share.

Our programs, systems, processes, and metrics illuminate, motivate, and rejuvenate and enhance the performance of the entire organization.

  • If you want to motivate your team…
  • If you want to grow faster and more profitably…
  • If you’re short on time and long on frustration…
  • If you lose too many opportunities to competitors…

Marqui Management transforms challenge into success.

Allen TX Sales Management Consulting Services Experts

Many Fortune 500 and local businesses are looking to us to help bring their companys’ up to speed with the latest in tech and business development. You can rest assured our strategies sales management programs are safe and proven. For more details, please contact one of our sales management consultants at 888-384-9424.

Our office is located at 700 Central Expressway South Suite 400 Allen TX 75013

Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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