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Marqui Management has a dedicated team of account managers and technicians that focus on four primary services to drive qualified, active seekers to your company’s website through digital marketing servicecs which includes: Directory Registration & Listings, Local Citations & Link Building, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Listings and Paid Sponsorships, and Keyword Media Buys/ Pay Per Click Advertising, providing a comprehensive advertising and marketing management solution.

Because more than 75 percent of Internet consumers use search engines and directories to look for products, services, and information, effective positioning within these advertising channels is essential for any successful web marketer.

Simply put, search engine marketing allows potential customers to find your company on the web. With the millions of websites that exist on the net, it is unrealistic to expect users to locate your company by directly entering its site address. Search engine marketing takes active seekers of your company’s product or service to your website – increasing qualified traffic, leads and transactions.

Online Directory Registration Services

Directories, including Yahoo, LookSmart, AOL and MSN, direct millions of individuals through the web each day.

The Marqui Management account managers research the most relevant categories and keywords for your business and make sure that your site appears within multiple categories when users search for related information in over 50 directory-based search engines. Our account managers have close relationships with these primary editors to ensure that our requests are expedited and given priority. For several of the directories such as Yahoo and Looksmart, we will pay out-of-pocket fees to ensure that your listing is added quickly and to multiple categories.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization is a complex process that ensures that your company’s name, description, and link appear when users search for keywords that directly relate to your business. In addition, our optimization techniques catapult your site to the top listings in its categories – ahead of your competitors. Marqui Management optimizes rankings within all of the leading search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Inktomi, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, MSN, NorthernLight and more than 20 others, including international and niche engines.

Marqui Management achieves top rankings for its clients through:

  • keyword research
  • customized content pages
  • manual submissions
  • optimization maintenance
  • link popularity
  • reporting

Keyword Research Services

To ensure that your company’s site receives top positioning for the most relevant keywords, D’Vaughn Bell, President of Search Engine Services, personally researches and compiles a list of the keywords and phrases most relevant to your site’s offering. As a part of this research, he assesses keyword relevancy, traffic potential, complimentary terms, misspellings, multiple keyword phrases, and geographic considerations.

Customized Content Pages & Copywriting Services

From the list of approved words, our content development technicians create multiple “content” pages for each primary keyword and phrase. The pages are developed with a unique look and feel to ensure search engine acceptance and aesthetic appeal. These content pages cater to each search engine’s algorithm and allow your site to be readily found by automatic search engine searches. Also, we provide our clients with strategic recommendations for coding their site, including the home page and sub-pages, to ensure maximum performance.

Manual Submissions & Citation Building Services

We manually submit the content pages to all engines in a systematic approach to ensure that it is not considered spamming. Since Marqui Management’s inception, we have never had a page rejected due to spamming. For search engines offering paid inclusion, we pay submission fees to ensure that our pages are indexed within 24 hours.

Ongoing Optimization Maintenance Services

On an ongoing basis, our account managers and technicians monitor and optimize the positioning of each content page once top rankings are achieved. As fluctuations are common, we regularly re-optimize and resubmit your pages according to the latest search engine algorithms. When necessary, we will adjust the optimized HTML coding on the content pages to increase compatibility with the search engine algorithms.

Because of the extremely dynamic nature of search engines, the maintenance process is integral to ensure the longevity of the premium positioning established at the start of the campaign. To substantiate and methodically manage campaigns, each client receives a “Client Services SEO Binder” that organizes all pertinent campaign information, timelines and reporting.

Link Popularity & Link Building Services

Marqui Management also offers a link popularity exchange program to capitalize on search engines that rank site relevancy based on the volume of “quality” links or link popularity. As part of this program, we will negotiate inbound links to your website from as many top-level horizontal and vertical linking opportunities. This program will help to increase the relevant link popularity of your site and help boost your site’s ranking with the search engines.

SEO & SEM Reporting

We provide detailed monthly reports that summarize keyword performance, search engine positioning, and trends in site traffic originating from search engines and directories. Clients can access their reports 24 hours a day through a secured extranet site using a unique password. After specific milestones have been achieved, we produce management level reports that are reviewed between Marqui Management and client management. These reports showcase campaign performance, recommendations, and action steps.

Targeted Keyword Media Buying Services

Marqui Management has an experienced media team that specializes in positioning advertisements to appear when keywords specific to your company are searched. Through a targeted media buying campaign, these banners and text links can coincide with any of your search engine, directory or paid listings to further increase your company’s exposure, traffic, and acquisitions on the web. Our media team manages the performance of these media placements using its Google Adwords, Outbrain, and Taboola ad serving and reporting tool. Over the last several years, Marqui Management’s media team has planned, negotiated, and tracked over 1 billion media impressions for dozens of clients.

For more information on our media services, please contact Marqui Management, at 888-384-8424.

Paid Listings, Sponsorships & Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Paid listings, or pay-per-click (PPC) search engines provide advertisers with over 75% coverage across all of the major search engines. This new type of advertising allows advertisers to bid against competing advertisers for higher rankings. The more you pay-per-click, the higher up on the list your site appears. Examples of pay-per-click search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Paid Listings offer three distinct advantages:

  1. Advertisers pay only for qualified leads on a per-click basis.
  2. An advertiser can, at any time, manipulate its ranking by increasing or decreasing its bid accordingly to reposition itself against competitors or further optimize their ad copy to obtain more relevance than competitors.
  3. Partnerships between PPC search engines and traditional search engines allow advertisers that appear in the top PPC listings to receive keyword-specific featured placements on search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Excite, Lycos, MSN, and Altavista.

Marqui Management’s proprietary bid management application allows us to ensure that a client never overbids for rankings in the pay-per-click engines. If at any time a client is paying over 1¢ more than the advertiser in the position below it, our team and systems will automatically adjust the client’s bid accordingly.

In addition to pay-per-click search engines, pay-for-placement directories allow advertisers to pay a monthly fee for inclusion in a special section above the general search results in the most relevant category. This placement does not coincide with the pay-per-click services. Examples of directories offering pay-for-placement listings include Yellow Pages, Yelp, LookSmart Featured Sites and Yahoo! Category Sponsorships.

The Marqui Management Presskit

ALLEN – MarquiManagement.com is a full-service, digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, interactive creative design, media planning and buying, email marketing, and website redesign.

Our portfolio spans a variety of clients including BellSouth, Microsoft Network, DuPont Stainmaster, and UPS e-Logistics.

MarquiManagement.com focuses on seven interdependent competencies to produce compelling, targeted and results-oriented campaigns.

Strategic Planning

Marqui Management’s strategic planning process identifies each client’s needs and maps a plan of action. The strategy team ensures that all media, creative and other offerings are consistent with the client’s business objectives. Our strategic process defines demographic and psychographic target markets and establishes online product positioning. We determine media placement, creative messaging and design strategies to achieve high conversion rates and optimum branding appeal. Our unified strategic planning process guides the entire online marketing and advertising effort to ensure a cohesive and impactful campaign.

Creative Development

The Marqui Management creative team develops innovative and original GIF, HTML, Flash, Director, JAVA, DHTML and streaming content for websites and interactive advertisements including banners, landing pages, email ads, viral promotions, and interactive CD ROMs. Our creative team strives to blend precision design and high-impact rich media to create the most effective, high-performance websites and interactive campaigns.

Advanced Technology

Marqui Management’s technology team is proficient in HTML, HDML and WML formatting, allowing our clients to distribute content to a wide audience. We also specialize in website development, wireless applications, mobile app development, gaming applications, custom-built database development, email marketing tools, data-aggregation applications, specialized viral marketing campaigns, online survey technology, and reporting. We offer multimedia solutions using Macromedia Director, Shockwave and Flash and provide clients with custom HTML, JavaScript, and CGI development.

Our technologists are also familiar with DHTML and PHP to give client content the highest level of interactivity. Marqui Management’s technology department is skilled in Advanced Apache server configuration and has a vast knowledge of ad serving networks (DoubleClick, Ad Knowledge, etc.) and methodologies. Marqui Management also has aided many of our clients with resolving web browser compatibility issues.

Media Planning/Buying

Marqui Management’s media team is responsible for researching and negotiating the most highly-targeted online placements to maximize ROI and create effective branding on the web. For each campaign, a team of media planners conducts audience analyses including @Plan(tm) research to identify targeted websites, HTML newsletters, opt-in emails and wireless opportunities that attract the client’s audience.

The buyers then negotiate with the sites to obtain the most strategic, cost-effective placements – including cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost-per-lead (CPL), and cost-per-click (CPC) opportunities – to drive qualified traffic to the client’s website. Throughout the entire campaign, our media planners follow and measure the progress of the buy and optimize placements to guarantee top performance.

Audience Tracking and Analysis

Different from traditional advertising, in which companies can only estimate the success of an ad campaign, with interactive advertising clients can determine the exact impact of a campaign. Marqui Management uses ad serving technologies to place advertisements with sites and “tag” them to allow for tracking.

The system detects each appearance of the ad as well as each time a user clicks on the ad. In addition, back-end tracking allows Marqui Management to know exactly how many of the people who clicked on an ad actually made a transaction with the client’s site. Our technology also supports post-impression analysis. In other words, we can now appreciate the website visits and transactions of individuals who did not click directly on a client’s ad but were served an impression and later visited the client’s site. Each client works with Marqui Management to define objectives upon which to measure the success of a campaign.

Search Engine Management

Since more than 75 percent of Internet users initiate their online activity through search engines and directories, effective positioning within these areas is essential for any successful web marketer. Marqui Management specializes in search engine management designed to ensure clients a top ranking within the search engine and directory listings. Search engine services are critical to a successful campaign; without them, a client’s website listing on major engines and portals may remain buried under countless others. Our search engine and directory registration, optimization and maintenance services ensure that each client’s site maintains top positioning.

Email Management

Marqui Management’s email management services allow clients to capture existing databases of email addresses from individuals who have already expressed an interest in a product or service similar to that of the client or who match the demographics of the client’s intended audience. Marqui Management then creates promotional newsletters and value-added emails to reach and initiate ongoing communications with these potential or current customers. We work with email marketing providers such as Mailchimp, Rail Gun, Accucast, Radical Mail and YesMail to convert self-identified prospects and increase the lifetime value of online customers.

Generating More Leads Through Digital Marketing

Marqui Management’s interactive advertising and marketing capabilities build the brand recognition, and credibility companies need to differentiate themselves and develop a presence on the Internet. These comprehensive offerings and the continual development of new technologies have made Marqui Management a leader in the interactive marketing realm.

About Marqui Managment’s Search Marketing & Search Optimization Services

Having launched and managed dozens of successful search engine marketing campaigns for clients such as BellSouth, Alamo Rent A Car, CNN, Dupont, ING, McGraw Hill, Sheraton Grand Resorts, and others Marqui Management’s search engine team has the proven expertise to generate results for your website. Our team’s customized approach maximizes our clients’ performance in each of the major US and international search engines and directories and includes paid listing placements and niche directories.

We apply proprietary management tools such as Bid Optimizer®, Search Gauge®, and DoubleClick DART® that enable us to effectively maximize and track the impact of our search engine campaigns. Based on our proven track record and client satisfaction, we guarantee that our search engine marketing campaigns will produce results for your Web initiative.

Search Engine Optimization

Marqui Management, an International Search Engine Marketing agency, provides industry-leading search engine optimization, paid placement management, and performance analytics to over 150 clients, including many leading US-based and international companies. A partial list of clients includes Alamo Rent A Car, Bank of America, CNN En Español, Firstwave Technologies, ING USA, Inc., McGraw Hill Corporation, Universal Studios, UPS, and Sheraton Hotels.

Marqui Management clients benefit from a seasoned team of more than 30 search engine marketing professionals, including dedicated account management, search technologists, search media and analytical specialists.

Marqui Management core search engine marketing capabilities consist of the following:

  • Strategic SEM planning
  • Account management
  • Algorithmic search engine optimization
  • Link development and enhancements
  • Content development and optimization
  • Dynamic database optimization consulting
  • XML feed management programs
  • Paid media placement planning, buying, and management
  • Creative development for text ads, banners, emails, and websites
  • Ongoing campaign reporting, optimization, and performance analytics

Founded in 2017, the marketing and advertising agency develops search engine optimization and marketing campaigns that build clients’ businesses through comprehensive site optimization and paid placement programs that increase site visibility, rankings, traffic, and transactions. All campaign traffic is measured real-time through the company’s campaign tracking solution which measures paid and non-paid traffic, visitor pathing analysis, time spent on site, and revenue generated.

The agency has been recognized with numerous search engine marketing awards including a 5 star rating for client success in the Marketing Sherpa’s Guide to SEO Firms, a “Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Firm” in the Iconocast Search Engine Optimization Guide, a “Top 50 Media Agencies” by Media Magazine, a “Top 50 BtoB Agencies” by BtoB Magazine, and a “Top 100 Interactive Marketing Agencies” by Advertising Age.

Company Founder, D’Vaughn Bell was invited by Danny Sullivan from SearchEngineWatch.com to be a regular speaker at Internet.com’s Search Engine Strategies conferences on the topics of algorithmic site optimization, dynamic database optimization, and paid media management. Also, the company Co-Founders serve on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Search Engine Marketing and Hispanic committees and the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). These organizations are responsible for helping to shape Search Engine Marketing industry standards and research for the advancement of the industry.

Contact us to learn how your company can benefit from our years of search engine optimization, online media, and campaign analytics experience. For more information on our company, please click here to watch a short company video produced for 24/7 Business News by D’Vaughn Bell or click here to download the Marqui Management company brochure (PDF).

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Allen TX

At Marqui Management we work with many Fortune 500 companies and local businesses to bring their company’s up to speed on the web. Rest assured that our strategic processes for search marketing and search optimization are safe and proven. For more details, please contact one of our search engine marketing and search engine optimization consultants at 888-384-9424.

Our office is located at 700 Central Expressway South Suite 400 Allen TX 75013

Marqui Management
Located in Allen, Texas Marqui Management is both a full-service reputation marketing and consulting firm. Our unique culmination of marketing and consulting allows Marqui Management to deliver unmatched services and unparalleled results. Visit our company profile page for more offers and information on services, case studies, careers and additional resources.

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