4 Creative Branding Strategies To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

In today’s overly competitive digital marketing landscape, you need more than just an awesome product to stick out.

You need to invest in a holistic approach to digital marketing, providing exceptional user experiences and building strong relationships with customers. Above all, you need to build a recognizable and authoritative brand presence.

Here are a few key areas to focus on to differentiate yourself from your rivals.

Focus On Value-Add Marketing

Today, to sell your products, you first need to build strong and meaningful customer relationships. And, this is exactly where value-add marketing steps in.

It focuses on producing high-quality content that is helpful, informative, and highly personalized.

Start by creating thorough blog posts aimed at your customers. Choose a topic you really know a lot about, do thorough research, and compose an insightful piece of content.

This way, you will prove you’re committed to helping a customer solve specific problems. Highly targeted and original content will also help you assert yourself as a credible resource in your industry and gain customers’ trust. Most importantly, you will evoke their emotions and build genuine relationships with them.

Value-add marketing is also an amazing opportunity to generate qualified leads. Exclusive eBooks, ultimate guides, detailed checklists, webinars, podcasts are all forms of content you can offer to your customers in exchange for their email address.

Build Customer Experiences That Convert

No matter if you’re an e-commerce site or you use online marketing to drive more customers to your physical store, your goal remains the same – to increase sales. Precisely because of that, you need to focus on creating beautiful experiences at every stage of a buyer journey.

  • Optimize your Website

Your website design reflects your professionalism and impacts user perceptions of your brand. Every element on your site, from its speed to the choice of colors determines whether users will convert.

First, you will want to provide seamless browsing experiences. For starters, invest in user-centric, responsive website design. In the mobile-first era we live in, it’s important that your site loads fast and feels the same, irrespective of the size of your customers’ screen. Also, invest in the cohesive online presence, ensuring that your design elements and brand messaging are used consistently.

  • Provide Personalized Buyer Journeys

The SalesForce report shows that 62% of customers want brands to send them relevant offers, based on their previous searches and purchases. Furthermore, over 60% of them are willing to share personal information with online businesses to get more relevant offers.

In other words, personalization is the nerve center of your branding efforts and there are numerous ways to use it.

For example, you can segment your email lists and send relevant deals to different groups of customers.

On your site, suggest products based on a customer’s previous buying history. Recommend products related to the one they searched for, as well as give them the opportunity to refine their searches by different criteria. Finally, you can even use geo-targeting to ensure that your price and shipping data are accurate.

  • Improve Checkout Processes

Another way to personalize user experiences is to provide smooth checkout processes. For starters, simplify your checkout form fields and ask your customers only the information you really need. Also, improve your website navigation, implement easily visible CTAs and shopping cart so you can guide your customers down the sales funnel faster.

Also, personalize your billing processes. Statistics say that past due invoices are one of the most common problems businesses face. To prevent that, provide multiple payment options to cater to different groups of customers. You could also use solutions like fee financing to make your invoicing more flexible. The fee financing definition is simple – this is an arrangement where you give your customers the opportunity to pay their invoices in monthly installments, while you get your money in advance.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service


51% of consumers who had a poor experience with your brand won’t buy from you again.

The number of online brands keeps growing, making your target customers more demanding. Having thousands of purchasing options at their fingertips, they don’t want to waste their time on brands that don’t meet their expectations.

Namely, 51% of consumers who had a poor experience with your brand won’t buy from you again? Most of them won’t complain, but they will tell 15 friends about their negative experiences.

Given these facts, it’s obvious that delighting your customers should be your priority. Your goal is to invest in the cross-channel customer support, regardless of a user’s device or location.

For starters, build a solid website presence. Add detailed NAP (name, address, phone number) information on your site and make sure your customers can reach out to you effortlessly. You should also have a comprehensive FAQ page, where you would feature all common questions asked by your customers and provide actionable answers to them.

Social networks play a fundamental role in customer support. Invest in a solid social media monitoring tool that will let you track mentions of all keywords relevant to your brand. Aside from your direct and indirect brand mentions, you can also monitor competitor mentions and participate in customers’ conversations in real time.

Leverage the power of machine learning too. Namely, you can now integrate intuitive AI-powered chatbots with your website and social networks to provide your customers with real-time customer support. These chatbots mimic the real-life conversation, helping you humanize your brand and be there for your customers 24/7.

All this matters to your customers, helping them feel cared for. By integrating your website, social media profiles, email, instant messaging tools, chatbots, phone calls, and other customer service channels, you will bring value to your customers at every touchpoint, increase their satisfaction, and inspire them to return to your brand time and time again.

Build Trust With Online Reviews

Stats say that your customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Precisely because of that, you need to invest in word-of-mouth marketing.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your site, social networks, and online review sites. You should also inspire them to create beautiful user-generated content and share it with the public. Finally, you should invest in referral marketing, encouraging your loyal customers to spread the word about your brand and drive new leads to you.

This is an amazing way to create more content about your products, build trust with potential customers, and inspire them to join your brand community. Most importantly, you can use both positive and negative customer insights to improve your services and deliver better user experiences.

Sure, to inspire people to share reviews, consider giving them something in return. Be it discounts, free products, free shipping, or free trials, incentives will motivate users to spread the word about your brand.

Back To You

Building a recognizable brand starts with building relationships with every customer and providing them with exceptional experiences.

  1. Create valuable content.
  2. Offer exceptional customer support.
  3. Personalize user experiences at every stage of the buyer journey.
  4. And, build trust with users with word-of-mouth marketing.

Only this way will you be able to build a strong brand other businesses measure theirs against.

Cooper Klein
Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in marketing based in Sydney. He’s a regular contributor to Futurpreneur, RetailNext, BizzmarkBlog, and other online magazines. When he’s not working, he’s reading sci-fi books and playing with his kiddos.

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