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Avoid These Six Mistakes When Hiring A Web Design Company

We live in a world where almost anyone can “design websites,” thanks to the many DIY web design services that have emerged online in recent years.

However, for a very functional and professional website, it is essential to hire a reputable and reliable web design company when you go this route. The problem is that there are companies and individuals who offer web design services that are disrespectful and unreliable.

During my work in digital marketing, web design, and development, I learned the signs that will help you tell which companies to avoid.

1. Cheap Web Design Companies

Unfortunately, bargain-basement rates are the kryptonite of many people who want sites but have little knowledge of how things work in website design. Once they see that a web design company offers very low rates compared to the competition, they jump by chance.

The problem with cheap web design companies is that you will probably pay for barebones/absolute-minimum of web design. If you want to add specific features and functions, you may need to open more for them. You’ll probably spend more money on your website eventually.

To get the best idea of professional web design companies, do your own research. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations.

2. Deposit Vs. Full Payment Upfront

Can you trust a web design company that requires you to pay for your site in full before they do any work on it?

Legitimate web design companies request a deposit. The client and company will then agree on a payment plan that will run until the site is up and running. Avoid any web design company that requires full prepayment before completing any work.

3. Too Much Web Design Jargon (Tech-Mumbo Jumbo)

I have found that many of my clients do not know much about web design, which is why they are looking for a professional web designer in the first place.

However, some web design companies tend to use a lot of technical-speak when they present their plans for the project. More often than not, customers end up agreeing to something they barely understand, but in any case, they have to pay for them anyway because the web designer said so.

But what if talking technology was just a way for customers to spend money on bells and whistles they didn’t really need?

If you know a little about web design and a potential web design company sounds like it dazzles you with a lot of tech-mumbo jumbo, curve this company and look for something else that speaks to you in plain, simple English.

4. Web Design-Only Companies

There was a time when setting up a website meant hiring a web designer for his aesthetic and developing a separate website to make sure it was functioning well. This is no longer the case nowadays because now web design companies are expected to offer both web design and web development.

Don’t hire a web design company that only offers to make websites look good and nothing else.

So much goes into building a website that most people don’t consider.

  • Perhaps you want to content/words that appear on each page?
  • You’re also just as likely to want your website to appear in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • If you’re really pressed for time, you’ll want someone who can quickly list or create your social profiles across all the social media platforms as well.

Considering all of your options, you’ll want to hire a web design company that offers content creation, SEO or search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

It also helps to check if the company has experience in developing apps, plugins, and different modules.

5. Websites With CMS Not Included

Any website you pay a web design company to build on must have a built-in CMS, which is short for Content Management System. Consider yourself deceived if a site you got from a web designer doesn’t have one.

What a CMS-free site means is that its content editing will go to a problem that can only be solved if you contact your web design company and get them to edit it for a fee.

Avoid web design companies that do not incorporate CMS platforms like WordPress and SharePoint, or Shopify in the case of e-commerce sites.

6. Non-Responsive Web Design

The world is a very mobile place, with worldwide mobile population usage at 67 percent (more than two-thirds of the total global population), with many more smartphones and tablets being used on desktop users. You want your site to appear well on all screens, so don’t leave your web design in the hands of a non-responsive web design company.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When You Hire A Web Designer

If you see these or all of the signs in a potential web design company, run the other way and find the agencies that offer the exact opposite.

  1. Cheap web design companies
  2. Requires full payment upfront
  3. Too much web design talk
  4. Web design-only companies
  5. Websites with CMS not included
  6. Non-responsive web design

We’ve all heard the horror stories about failed projects, whether it stemmed from overseas web designers disappearing or your aunt’s stepson’s girlfriend’s sister’s cousin, who is a web designer taking six months to complete your homepage. Perhaps you have your own horror stories you’d like to share with us? 

Follow these ideas to avoid some of the pitfalls of choosing a bad web design company and make sure that your next project runs like a well-oiled machine.


D'Vaughn Bell
D'Vaughn Marqui Bell is a millennial entrepreneur, author and businessman. As CEO of Marqui Management he is responsible for day to day operations, management and insight. He continues his leadership development and training for the millennial generation at his website: D'Vaughn Bell

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