8 Foolproof Tips For Writing B2B Web Copy

Many marketers find writing web copy difficult. Whether it’s for your website’s homepage, landing pages, newsletters, social media channels, or blog, writing consistently fresh and engaging web copy can be a difficult task. It’s not just because it takes a lot of work, or because it’s an on-going process; but because with the amount of information available on the web, your content must be good, better written, and more relevant to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Keeping up your creativity levels from day to day is no walk in the park. Creating and managing multi-faceted web properties for all your channels makes the task even more challenging. But, before you get too scared by the dire opening to today’s post, we have tips! We have identified the key to writing that killer content, which will keep your audience engaged; and we want to share!

So, without further ado, here are our tips for writing killer B2B web copy:

1. Create Content Strategically

Every piece of web copy that you write needs to support your overall business strategy. When writing copy, you need to keep the “big picture” in mind and make sure that your copy is a relevant piece of the puzzle. Ask yourself; how will this content contribute to the goals of the business?

2. Write Content That Is Actionable

Guess what? The web is an interactive medium and copy that is useful encourages your readers to take action. If, after reading your copy, your readers aren’t inspired to do something (even if it is just to change their mind) your copy is essentially useless.

3. Write Informally

Demonstrating the size of your vocabulary isn’t a necessary part of communicating the value of your products and services. People want they read to be easy to understand and absorb. Use simple words, be direct and you will be more successful.

4. Write With Confidence

You have confidence in your products or services, and now you need to convey it. Confidence doesn’t instill itself, and without it, no one will pursue a business relationship with you. Tell your readers in no uncertain terms how you stand behind what you’re offering (hint: explaining your company’s guarantees is a great way to do this).

5. Use Their Pain

This might sound a little sadistic but using your customer’s pain points in your copy is one of the best ways to explain that you understand their issues.

If your visitors don’t believe that you understand their personal problem then why would they continue to interact with your content?

6. Set Up A Need

Once you’ve demonstrated to a reader that you understand their pain, then you can create a need that compels them to continue reading. Implying to your readers that you have the solution to those problems and that they are going to miss out if they don’t keep reading is an important part of engaging your audience.

7. Edit Ruthlessly

The first draft of any web copy is often complete garbage. Be completely cutthroat in your editing. Shorten, delete or even rewrite everything that doesn’t immediately jump out at you as compelling.

We absolutely, 100% advocate getting someone else to read your copy out loud before you publish it. Believe us, no matter how good a writer you are, you’re still going to have a biased opinion on the copy you’ve written because you know what you’re trying to say.

8. Simplify Your Life – Use A Content Tool

Using a comprehensive web content management system will allow you to create and update your content in one application, thus alleviating the need to update several systems with your changes. It also allows you to manage multiple content contributors. It is the foundation of your website and how content is built. Marqui Management works with a flexible, cloud-based, next generation, content management system that empowers you to create and deliver online content wherever it lives.

The most important part of developing your content is to never give up and to continuously identify new and relevant ways to communicate with your audience.

D'Vaughn Bell
D'Vaughn Marqui Bell is a millennial entrepreneur, author and businessman. As CEO of Marqui Management he is responsible for day to day operations, management and insight. He continues his leadership development and training for the millennial generation at his website: D'Vaughn Bell

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