Need A Presence On Twitter But Don’t Know Where To Start?

When it comes to online marketing, social media marketing isn’t just some thing of the past. Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in the world, and like Twitter, it accounts for massive amounts of daily web traffic. If you’re looking to capitalize on the growing demand for Twitter marketing services and learn how to implement effective Twitter marketing strategies to gain more followers, retweets, likes, website visits, and visibility, then consider the following.

Twitter Marketing Basics: No Experience Necessary

Twitter is a revolutionary social media site that allows users to connect using short, 140-character text bites to communicate with one another. These short comments and messages, called tweets, are easily accessed and shared among followers and friends. Tweets are easy to read and circulate from a mobile phone, making them an accessible supplement to blog posts and Facebook statuses.

Twitter is among the most popular social media venues on the Internet, and it has grown at a rapid rate for several years in both personal and business use. Twitter is among the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers, potential employees, and business-to-business contacts.

Businesses across the country are cutting out recruiters and other middlemen in favor of Twitter, saving serious money in the process. What’s more, search engines including Yahoo, Bing, and Google recognize the site’s a significant online presence, and list Twitter results on their primary search engine results pages (SERPs).

Building Your Image In Real Time With Twitter Marketing


While privacy settings exist for private users, Twitter profiles default to being publicly viewable. Twitter is an excellent place for a small business to gain exposure as users pick up on trending tweets. Twitter users can repost, or retweet, entries, instantly sharing them with other users in their network. In this manner, information travels quickly around the website.

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Many experts consider Twitter to be a real-time search engine because the most current tweets about a topic are listed instantly and users can easily find them with a simple search inquiry. Traditional Internet search engines may take several weeks to recognize new content on a webpage, by contrast.

However, this instant transfer of information can be as devastating to a business as it has the potential to be helpful: If a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, it can circulate about the Twittersphere quickly. It is essential to keep a favorable impression of your brand at the top of the tweet feed by implementing a solid Twitter marketing strategy.

Who Needs to Tweet?

If your business already has an established search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, Twitter can expand your scope and make an impact on those who do not have formal connections to your business through email or syndicated feeds.

For new companies, Twitter offers an excellent way to reach new contacts.

When compared to other marketing services available, Twitter’s strengths show clearly. You can instantly promote your brand to millions of users and can immediately defend the company against any negative publicity that may arise.

The Marqui Management Twitter Marketing Strategy

Marqui Management has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes connect to current and potential customers with Twitter. If you know you need to utilize Twitter for SEO and SERP enhancement but have no idea how to get started, Marqui Management can help.

The following are among our many services:

  • Creating a unique Twitter marketing strategy with your company in mind.
  • Developing and implementing a policy for managing your Twitter account.
  • Customizing your company’s Twitter profile to maximize appeal and reflect your brand.
  • Establishing performance analytics so you can measure your success.
  • Facilitating guidelines to help monitor your Twitter reputation.

The Takeaway: Why Is Your Brand Not Marketing On Twitter Yet?

Since Google’s partnership with Twitter, more and more tweets are gaining visibilty in the search engines. Tweets are not only social signals but serve as nofollow backlinks that deliver quality web traffic when using the right hashtags and keywords targeted to the right audiences.

Many consumers look at business’ Facebook profiles, LinkedIn pages, and Twitter profiles for social proof, which impacts whether or not your brand is trustworthy. Little-to-no engagement levels indicate lower trusting brands whereas high levels of engagement and following idicate brands that will be in existence for awhile.

As an experienced social media marketing consultant and reputation marketing consultant, I’ll say that whether you’re looking to become the next influencer or want to start generating real website traffic, consider Twitter marketing among many forms of digital marketing as a high priority.


D'Vaughn Bell
D'Vaughn Marqui Bell is a millennial entrepreneur, author and businessman. As CEO of Marqui Management he is responsible for day to day operations, management and insight. He continues his leadership development and training for the millennial generation at his website: D'Vaughn Bell

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