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Featured Case Studies


Culture Metrics: Car Dealership Acquisition

An established car distributor acquired an independent group of 14 dealerships with a similar range of franchises. The acquisition went smoothly. The old top team left, and the new dealerships were headed up by a senior manager (Mike) from the established distributor. The distributorship had a well-established devolved culture in which general managers were given a broad set of annual targets to achieve. How they did this was up to them. Mike worked to the same ethos. Within three months it was obvious that 4 of the newly acquired dealerships were all were grossly under-performing. Two were quickly sold off. […]


Culture Metrics: Managing Director Role Development

A once fast growing electronics company had experienced a sales plateau. The Managing Director (MD) had serious doubts about the company’s ability to make any significant profits to finance the next necessary big step in sales growth. He felt the company was lucky as it had a great set of quality products, but the competition was beginning to catch up. Historically, the company had developed a technical culture in which everyone was focused on quality in all products and service. However, this costs the company dearly in reduced returns. The next steps in market development were going to be costly, […]


Culture Metrics: Superior Sales Performance

The owner of a family company with a direct sales force of 64 salespeople asked us to review their selection process. They used the good old-fashioned “feel” in which they had great faith. Recently, a non-executive director pointed out that there was a considerable difference in the sales performance within the sales force and therefore, he believed that the selection procedure was not discriminating well enough between those who could do a reasonable selling job and those who were the superior performers. The company had tried several different incentives and motivational packages over several years with no noticeable effect on […]


Business Journal


How Can Social Media Improve Your SEO Ranking?

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Boost SEO Like it or not, social media is here to stay. It is the basis of how most people spend their free time and interact with each other. Despite how the media perceives this, social media isn’t all bad. It’s brought a lot of good to us, as it lets us keep in touch with others more easily, as well as helping us discover many new and interesting things. Some would even argue that social media is the reason for bringing whole communities closer together. When it comes to business, social media has […]


5 Office Trends That Engage Millennial Employees

5 Trends For Millennial Employee Engagement At Work As the generations change, so do the things that appeal to them in the workplace. The traditional office design may have worked for previous generations, but not for Millennials. After all, we’re talking about a generation that keeps changing the world with their opinions and actions. No matter how you feel about them, you can agree that they really do make the world think and ask itself questions. That being said, it’s not surprising that Millennials are changing how the corporate world operates. No longer will you catch a person working for […]


Performance Management: Making It Work

Accountability & Incentives For Rewards: How Disconnected Are They? In the last few years, I have made it a practice to ask friends, college students and business contacts the question, “During your career, what changes in management have you observed, particularly in the last five years?” I expected to hear about trends such as the need to be more customer-centric or the move toward outsourcing. Instead, many people told me about seeing a sharp escalation in the tendency of businesses to hold managers and employees much more accountable for results. They said there is now no place to hide in […]


How To Properly Protect Your Brand Design In 2019

5 Steps For Properly Protecting Your Brand Identity Having a unique logo created for your company is an exciting moment that should be celebrated. However, you should hold the champagne bottles for now. In order for it to become your official logo, you’re going to need to file for a trademark. This can be a complicated process, which is why you need to understand every step. 1. Do You Need To Trademark Your Designs? If you’re looking to lead your business to new heights, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on the latest marketing trends and methods. This […]


Powerful Tactics That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

4 Creative Branding Strategies To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd In today’s overly competitive digital marketing landscape, you need more than just an awesome product to stick out. You need to invest in a holistic approach to digital marketing, providing exceptional user experiences and building strong relationships with customers. Above all, you need to build a recognizable and authoritative brand presence. Here are a few key areas to focus on to differentiate yourself from your rivals. Focus On Value-Add Marketing Today, to sell your products, you first need to build strong and meaningful customer relationships. And, this is […]


Marketing Trends That Will Take Over The eCommerce World

6 Marketing Trends That Are Reshaping Ecommerce There is an important distinction that needs to be made, regarding fads and trends. Namely, a fad is something ephemeral, something that just comes and goes. Trends, on the other hand, are important and concrete. They don’t really go away, they just evolve, or become part of the inherent structure behind something. In other words, fads you can ignore, but trends need to be studied and implemented. This is perhaps most apparent in marketing, especially in the eCommerce world. Marketing itself is a fast acting and fast-changing realm of business. Constantly evolving, shifting […]


How I Use Authentic Vulnerability To Grow Our Brand

Breaking The Negative Stigma Around Vulnerability A relatively recent study by Berlin Cameron in partnership with Ellevate Network gathered insights around vulnerability and found that, 58 percent of people polled perceive vulnerability as authentic 37 percent perceived vulnerability as relatable Only 4 percent thought it showed weakness Not to mention, 96 percent of respondents felt that they could learn more from a leader who shows vulnerability than from one who does not. At a recent “Two Pizza Rule” sales team meeting, I shared an email with my team that I sent to a personal client. I did so to simply […]


Email Marketing Optimization: What’s Not Working?

The Incredible Power Of Email As A Communications Channel According to my grandparents, there was never any shortage of colorful characters on the political scene in New York. I’m told none was more engaging than Mayor Ed Koch. Koch presided over a city in transition, with factions representing every niche in this very diverse city demanding his attention and support. No elected official had more on his or her plate to deal with. A vital part of the love affair the city had for this mayor was his unflappable demeanor and candor in dealing with the myriad crises that came […]


Top 2019 Marketing Definitions & Statistics For Success

The Marketing Statistics & Definitions You Need To Know To Be Successful In 2019 Are you a business owner? Do you have a website? Do you want more visitors visiting your website on a daily basis? Implementing social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, are a few among many of the marketing methods that can help scale your business in 2019. Digital marketing is an integral part of having a successful business in today’s competitive landscape. Because an increasing number of consumers are utilizing the Internet to find different products and services that they may be interested […]


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