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Marqui Management was established on the notion that we could help companies succeed by bringing them professional, honest advice and an external perspective on their business.

Finding good talent, embedding it in clients, and unleashing a critical and skillful eye remains a pillar for Marqui Management since our inception.

The analysis and perspective created by this talent can be found in the case studies, white papers, and thought leadership produced by our people in our business journal. In these reports, you will find intelligence information about beating the latest sophisticated cyber attack, how data science can squeeze new streams of income from industries under siege, and why an agile approach is key to software development today.

So whether you are a C-suite executive who needs to think differently about how to integrate emerging technologies, a potential customer looking for a new business partner, a company looking to invest, or a local business in search of the latest ideas and breakthroughs, we have the insights you need.

Featured Case Studies

Culture Metrics: Car Dealership Acquisition

An established car distributor acquired an independent group of 14 dealerships with a similar range of franchises.
The acquisition went smoothly. The old top team left, and the new dealerships were headed up by a senior manager (Mike) from the established distributor.
The distributorship had a well-established devolved culture in which general managers were given a broad set of annual targets to achieve. How they did this was up to them. Mike worked to the same


Culture Metrics: Managing Director Role Development

A once fast growing electronics company had experienced a sales plateau. The Managing Director (MD) had serious doubts about the company’s ability to make any significant profits to finance the next necessary big step in sales growth. He felt the company was lucky as it had a great set of quality products, but the competition was beginning to catch up.
Historically, the company had developed a technical culture in which everyone was focused on quality in


Culture Metrics: Superior Sales Performance

The owner of a family company with a direct sales force of 64 salespeople asked us to review their selection process. They used the good old-fashioned “feel” in which they had great faith.
Recently, a non-executive director pointed out that there was a considerable difference in the sales performance within the sales force and therefore, he believed that the selection procedure was not discriminating well enough between those who could do a reasonable selling job and


Business Journal


Branding A Path To Search Engine Rankings

Most small and medium business owners have very little if any experience with branding, nor do they know how the search engine algorithm works. In fact, why even talk about branding and algorithms in the same sentence? The answer is simple, over the past decade, both processes have become closer than many think.
Branding Creates A Path to Better Search Engine Rankings
In many ways, branding revolves around identifying “quality marks” that users see as important


How To Convert Customer Data Into Profits

Your company or brand should be managed in such a way that the customer value is at the forefront and managed professionally to create value for the shareholders. That is how you begin converting customer data into profits.
Converting Customer Data Into Shareholder Value
Ever wonder what big companies do with your information? Ever wonder why when they know where we travel and when, on which airlines, in which class of service their customer service is


4 Reasons Why Companies Really Hire Consultants

Often, when explaining what it is I do for a living being a business management consultant, I get to answer why companies hire consultants in the first place.
As much as I don’t like hearing the question does make sense. At first glance, it puzzles many. Why don’t companies simply solve their own problems? Whether it is a cost reduction effort or a new market entry, there are many reasons companies need consultants (and why I


Why You Need A Business Management Consultant

Each year management consultants in the US receive more than $2 billion for their services. A lot of money pays for impractical data poorly implemented recommendations. To reduce waste, customers need a better understanding of what management consultants can achieve. They need to ask more from such advisers, who in turn must learn to satisfy their expanded expectations. When there is clarity about the goal, both sides are more likely to deal with the commitment process


What Is The Role Of A Management Consultant?

Management consultants help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. It’s not just in the private sector either – many firms work with public sector organizations to help develop their services and, where necessary, reduce costs and make savings. – (UCSF) University of California, San Frisco
Role of a consultant
The consultant’s primary role is to assist your organization with certain areas of your work


Cailey Anne Cookies

Cailey Anne Cookies started in College Station, Texas in the fall of 2014 after a lifetime of dreaming.
I remember sitting in my dorm room dreaming of starting a business but would convince myself I was much too young. After much deliberation I thought to myself, “Why wait?” and took a semester off from Boston University to launch Cailey Anne Cookies. I am happy to say I did!
Cailey Anne Cookies is based off a


Save Farm Creek

What exactly is Save Farm Creek?
Rowayton is a coastal village in Norwalk, Connecticut which is roughly 40 miles from New York City. It is known as one of the wealthiest zip codes in Connecticut and perhaps one of the most expensive communities in the US. According to Forbes, the (2018) Median Home Price is $4,276,462. Perhaps this provides a surprise to local architect Bruce Beinfield of Beinfield Architecture, a construction and property management firm, who


9 Beach Films

What exactly is 9 Beach Films?
9Beach Films is a video production company located in the New York Metropolitan Area, which specializes in making documentary-style videos. Web video marketing is a growing trend, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a women owned business, the founder of 9Beach Films will explain why web video marketing is a good investment and how it can help your business. She will discuss the types and the unique requirements


Is It Worthwhile For Consulting Firms To Go Public?

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) hit Wall Street on 17th of this month and has raised about $238 million with its initial public offering (IPO) of stock. Based in Virginia, Booz Allen primarily provides management and technology consulting to the U.S. government, with a focus on defense, intelligence and civil issues (98% of its revenue in FY10 was derived from the U.S. government). This IPO follows the recent trend of private equity firms taking their leveraged buyout