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Featured Case Studies


Culture Metrics: Car Dealership Acquisition

An established car distributor acquired an independent group of 14 dealerships with a similar range of franchises. The acquisition went smoothly. The old top team left, and the new dealerships were headed up by a senior manager (Mike) from the established distributor. The distributorship had a well-established devolved culture in which general managers were given a broad set of annual targets to achieve. How they did this was up to them. Mike worked to the same ethos. Within three months it was obvious that 4 of the newly acquired dealerships were all were grossly under-performing. Two were quickly sold off. […]


Culture Metrics: Managing Director Role Development

A once fast growing electronics company had experienced a sales plateau. The Managing Director (MD) had serious doubts about the company’s ability to make any significant profits to finance the next necessary big step in sales growth. He felt the company was lucky as it had a great set of quality products, but the competition was beginning to catch up. Historically, the company had developed a technical culture in which everyone was focused on quality in all products and service. However, this costs the company dearly in reduced returns. The next steps in market development were going to be costly, […]


Culture Metrics: Superior Sales Performance

The owner of a family company with a direct sales force of 64 salespeople asked us to review their selection process. They used the good old-fashioned “feel” in which they had great faith. Recently, a non-executive director pointed out that there was a considerable difference in the sales performance within the sales force and therefore, he believed that the selection procedure was not discriminating well enough between those who could do a reasonable selling job and those who were the superior performers. The company had tried several different incentives and motivational packages over several years with no noticeable effect on […]


Business Journal


Top 2019 Marketing Definitions & Statistics For Success

The Marketing Statistics & Definitions You Need To Know To Be Successful In 2019 Are you a business owner? Do you have a website? Do you want more visitors visiting your website on a daily basis? Implementing social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, are a few among many of the marketing methods that can help scale your business in 2019. Digital marketing is an integral part of having a successful business in today’s competitive landscape. Because an increasing number of consumers are utilizing the Internet to find different products and services that they may be interested […]


When Does Your Team Need Another Professional Training?

When Is The Right Time For Your Team To Receive Another Professional Training? Professional training is the essence of running any successful business. Your team can’t achieve much if they’re not trained and equipped to handle everything the job entails. Of course, everyone knows that professional training is obligatory whenever you take someone new on, but your employees can forget a lot of things if their skills aren’t refined. This is where the question of “when” arises. More importantly, it’s important to know how to implement another professional training session. They’re not new to their job anymore, it might just […]


Will Women Become The Ultimate Niche Market In 2019?

In 2016 a little-known company from Boston called “PMS Bites” pitched an investment in their company to the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. PMS Bites are healthy morsels with herbs in them that help to alleviate PMS symptoms. Judge Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, said, “the downside of naming it PMS Bites is… I’m a guy but by calling it PMS Bites, I’m not going to buy that… you cut the market in half!” This sentiment was repeated by other sharks and ultimately they all passed on investment. Problems with this sentiment are plentiful. Take the popular startup wisdom that […]


Measuring Brand Equity Through Social Media Marketing

What Is Brand Equity? And Why Does It Matter More Than You Think? Brand equity is basically how consumers identify a company, product or service. What you want your company’s brand to be is one of the most important marketing decisions you will make. The brand gains value when it is recognized positively by customers. This process of recognition is called “brand equity.” Brand equity describes both the values of the brands as well as the brand’s components. It involves the monetary value and market awareness while keeping in mind the consideration of the product value. Branding has a significant […]


5 SEO Trends That Will Matter Most In 2019

5 SEO Trends That Will Change The Digital Landscape In 2019 By now, everyone knows about the importance of SEO. It’s the essence of good traffic on your website and should be taken seriously. Without this handy marketing tool, a lot of firms would struggl to keep their business. That being said, like everything else in life, SEO is advancing. To stay at the top of your game, it’s essential to be one step ahead. Planning the future of your company is essential if you want it to have a sound and secure future. You should be informed of the […]


How Can You Apply AI To Email Marketing?

4 Innovative Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Email Marketing Soon after its introduction back in the ’90, email has become a preferred way of sending information and messages across the globe. Its popularity created a real boom in email marketing, followed by a series of technological developments. One of the newest innovations is AI, which is hailed as a true game-changer and poses one of the hottest media topics. But, we need to separate the hype from facts and figures. Let’s begin by saying that AI is much more than a buzzword to be thrown around business meetings.  It is a […]


5 Ways To Find Bloggers For Influencer Marketing

Your smartphone starts lagging, and you decide to buy a new one. You start googling products, but there are millions of sites, ads, and reviews to keep up with. While branded content shows only good sides of popular products, customer reviews are subjective, and they contradict. Frustrated, you ditch your search and call a good friend of yours that has recently bought a new phone. You ask them for opinions, and voila, you’ve made your buying decision. Every day, when we feel unsure about the choices we’re making, we turn to the people we trust most. The same goes for […]


Get Eventful: Customer Engagement Strategies

Event-Driven Marketing Blame it on spam. Blame it on the erosion of list quality. Blame it on whatever you want. But there’s little question that it is getting harder to stand out in the storm of email, even when your users have opted-in. In an attempt to minimize the online static and help their clients deliver offers that are not only legitimate but also perceived as valid, several marketing firms have begun offering tools that send offers in response to specific user actions. This practice sometimes referred to as event-driven marketing, or “EDM”. Event-driven marketing is aimed at reaching consumers […]


5 Tips To Mastering A Business Leader’s Mindset In 2019

Most of us have something that we want to achieve, do, start, or create. It may be to start a business, generate initial sales, break a million in revenue, or start a blog. Whatever your goal, the dream factor exists and once you recognize it, all you have to do is adjust your mindset and chase it with purpose and determination. Whether you’re an early-stage entrepreneur building or scaling a business, or you’re still in gainful employment but toying with the notion of starting something, adopting an entrepreneur’s mindset has multiple benefits. You might not be CEO of your own […]