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Featured Case Studies


Culture Metrics: Car Dealership Acquisition

An established car distributor acquired an independent group of 14 dealerships with a similar range of franchises. The acquisition went smoothly. The old top team left, and the new dealerships were headed up by a senior manager (Mike) from the established distributor. The distributorship had a well-established devolved culture in which general managers were given a broad set of annual targets to achieve. How they did this was up to them. Mike worked to the same ethos. Within three months it was obvious that 4 of the newly acquired dealerships were all were grossly under-performing. Two were quickly sold off. […]


Culture Metrics: Managing Director Role Development

A once fast growing electronics company had experienced a sales plateau. The Managing Director (MD) had serious doubts about the company’s ability to make any significant profits to finance the next necessary big step in sales growth. He felt the company was lucky as it had a great set of quality products, but the competition was beginning to catch up. Historically, the company had developed a technical culture in which everyone was focused on quality in all products and service. However, this costs the company dearly in reduced returns. The next steps in market development were going to be costly, […]


Culture Metrics: Superior Sales Performance

The owner of a family company with a direct sales force of 64 salespeople asked us to review their selection process. They used the good old-fashioned “feel” in which they had great faith. Recently, a non-executive director pointed out that there was a considerable difference in the sales performance within the sales force and therefore, he believed that the selection procedure was not discriminating well enough between those who could do a reasonable selling job and those who were the superior performers. The company had tried several different incentives and motivational packages over several years with no noticeable effect on […]


Business Journal


How To Use Free Tools To Find Awesome Long-tail Keywords

Long–tail Keywords & Keyword Suggestion Tools For someone who is new to the game, finding the right keywords to fuel the blog and convert customers can be a real challenge. Especially, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a paid SEO tool that could help you plan and execute your marketing campaign. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go in blind and hope for the best. There are plenty of free solutions you can resort to when looking for juicy long-tail keywords. And even though they have some drawbacks, you can still yield solid results and […]


6 Secrets For Buzzworthy Website Content

Buzz Is The Secret Ingredient That Generates Website Traffic Do you have what it takes to create buzz? Not every writer can craft copy that gets people buzzing. But when you do, the results can be incredible. Buzz rules. It’s hard to deny it. In the old days, it was called word of mouth. Today, a buzz is so powerful that it can launch (or sink) careers, sell just about every product conceivable, and establish trends that last for years. There were some who even thought — and hoped — that buzz could elect a president. If you want to […]

Social Media In Today's Evolving Business

Social Media In Today’s Evolving Business

Tips On Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts Even today, social media is a rapidly growing headline-grabbing phenomenon. Instead of using social networking as a tool to directly connect with people, entrepreneurs across the world are frequently trying to find ways to utilize the trend of social networking as a business opportunity. Studies suggest that social networking sites should be viewed as a complementary device to the presence of businesses to promote success. Companies should consider the sites as an asset that is valuable and useful in gaining their companies positive attention. In essence social networking sites, when used properly, should […]


The Power and Importance of Web Presence

Whether you are a business who is marketing their products and services or an individual who is trying to increase their exposure, there is great importance to have a website and a strong online presence to help market successfully to your target audience. Top Ten Reasons Your Business Needs A Strong Online Presence The following are ten top reasons why you should not only have a website but have search engine visibility to receive valuable online presence. #1. It’s the First Place People Go The first place people go when trying to find some information about either your company or […]


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business

Outsourcing benefits are not only limited to its cost-related advantages. When managed correctly, outsourcing can also improve business processes and address critical business and market issues that are otherwise impractical to deal with. The steady growth of the global outsourcing industry opens up more opportunities for businesses to improve the use of their corporate resources amid growing competition and unstable market conditions. Benefits of Outsourcing One of the notable benefits of outsourcing is access to better business resources, primarily human and technological resources. By outsourcing to reputable contractors, companies can gain access to a high-caliber workforce that is not readily […]


The Truth About Earning Social Media Value

From data, humor, entertainment, honesty, off the wall stuff, the value is defined individually. This is what brings them in, turns visits to leads, leads to customers. Want sales from Social Media? Know what is valuable to your core audience/target market. The idea is to attract/be interested in followers who would make good customers for the products/services you offer. (Plus, I like to follow people in the same industry). Focus your postings on what is of interest to those specific people and forget the rest. This is what valuable content should look like: Please note that I don’t talk about […]


Branding A Path To Search Engine Rankings

Most small and medium business owners have very little if any experience with branding, nor do they know how the search engine algorithm works. In fact, why even talk about branding and algorithms in the same sentence? The answer is simple, over the past decade, both processes have become closer than many think. Branding Creates A Path to Better Search Engine Rankings In many ways, branding revolves around identifying “quality marks” that users see as important when making decisions (e.g., packaging, design, brand name, manufacturer, etc.) More than ever, search engines look for these “quality signals” to effectively rank websites. […]


How To Convert Customer Data Into Profits

Your company or brand should be managed in such a way that the customer value is at the forefront and managed professionally to create value for the shareholders. That is how you begin converting customer data into profits. Converting Customer Data Into Shareholder Value Ever wonder what big companies do with your information? Ever wonder why when they know where we travel and when, on which airlines, in which class of service their customer service is so cold? They know, where my daughter goes to ballet lessons, what brand of dog food I buy, what medications I take, the restaurants […]

Website Conversions & The Missing ROI Metric

Website Conversions & The Missing ROI Metric

Why You’re Not Seeing The Type Of Returns You’d Expect From Your Website, With Research Money. Cash. Scratch. Dough. Green. Got your attention? Of course, I did. These days, probably more than ever. With a not-so-robust economy and ad spending still in the doldrums, most of us are preoccupied with money. On the agency side, we’re scrambling to get more of it from clients, who in turn are adamant they’ll spend less. Look at the whole marketing sector, and online is probably taking more than its fair share of budget cuts. Why are companies cutting back on digital spending? “We’ve […]