How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Brand

Marketers can no longer use technical articles and informative posts to interact with consumers on social media. Buyers want connections. Capturing the attention of your target audience is vital to success on the Internet. People want to scan and scroll quickly. With clear and concise messaging, you can reach more of the target audience you are looking to attract.

A new Twitter feature is the “moments” option. This item lets business owners amass similar tweets and create a long thread of posts. Moments works similar to a timeline letting you capture individual events and weave them into a narrative to create a dialogue with your followers and consumers.

Ways you can use Twitter moments:

  • Retweeting other posts
  • Making comments on interesting tweets
  • Providing feedback to your consumers
  • Sharing charity highlights and company event happenings
  • Bringing an important tweet back to the forefront
  • Creating customer spotlights
  • Promoting a particular theme or thought
  • Showing company culture and behind-the-scenes views into your brand
  • Announcing new or exciting projects, services, or products
  • Soliciting advice for consumer feedback

7 Essential Elements For Branding Your 140 Characters

Every story begins with an outline and answering the questions for who, what, where, when, why, and sometimes how. When creating tweets, think about the ways you can use these elements to tell your company story. Answering some of the following questions can help consumers get to know your brand and why they should conduct business with you.

Is the content valuable to my audience?

People want to read things of high interest to them and the business they conduct with you. For example, a shoe manufacturer may use tweets about certain celebrities wearing footwear to recent or upcoming events. A medical provider can use Twitter moments to show how the values and customer service at the practice make a difference in local lives.

Am I providing important information with my tweet?

Valuable content is vital to capturing the attention of your primary audience. Over 70 percent of people on Twitter use the platform for breaking news content. If there is an important fact, study, or article concerning your brand, then tweet it out. People want to know new information fast. The sooner you tweet, the happier your clients will be when they read the message.

Are the topics I choose consistent with things my audience wants to see and read?

Trending topics and current news events are popular ideas for tweets. The more memorable you can make the tweets, the better your Twitter Moments story will show what your brand stands for and the things most important to your company. Using current conversations can guide audiences to your Twitter page where your branding and marketing can captivate them.

What hashtags are the most popular for my topic?

To keep your posts actively circulating the web, it is critical to include hashtags. These pound signs make the Twitterverse go round. If you are not using them, then your social media marketing campaign is severely lacking.

How can I use company values to create an emotional connection?

One of the most important things in marketing is to create a spark with a potential customer. How does one achieve this goal? Let people in.

Talk about employee achievements through award recognizing tweets. Discuss how workers interact through posts about after-hours events, volunteer milestones, and awards your staff receives. People want to know your business has substance and meaning behind the products and services you offer. Be proud to show off your company culture so that people can learn about your values. They will want to connect with your brand when you get your message across.

Does the tweet provide suspense, intrigue, or captivate my audience?

If you market to other businesses, then you may like knowing three out of four B2B firms are on Twitter. Consider how your posts affect these companies. Are you posting things they find important, useful, and interesting? To check the health of your tweets, you can use Twitter Analytics.

Do my Twitter moments form a consistent brand story?

Did you know that four out of five world leaders use Twitter regularly? If you are reaching out to the global platform, then you need to create solid relationships with these people. They are the ones who drive the economy. Ensuring your company is on the right radar means making sure your story is understandable, reliable, and full of meaning.

How Can I Use Visual Elements To Enhance My Message?

Words are important, but you know how the saying about pictures goes. Use videos and photos to emphasize your tweets. Show the awards, highlight the charities, and put new products and services in the limelight. Your consumers will thank you by retweeting your posts and spreading your message.

Advertising on Twitter is over ten percent more useful for grabbing attention than television spots during sporting events, news programs, and live activities. Take advantage of this statistic and get tweeting. Your story is ready for the telling, so why wait? People want to learn about your brand and engage with you in fun and exciting ways through social media platforms like Twitter.

Jen McKenzie
Jen McKenzie is an independent business consultant from New York. She writes extensively on business, education and human resource topics. When Jennifer is not at her desk working, you can usually find her hiking or taking a road trip with her two dogs. You can reach Jennifer @jenmcknzie.

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