What Exactly Is 9 Beach Films?

9Beach Films is a video production company located in the New York Metropolitan Area, which specializes in making documentary-style videos. Video marketing is a growing trend, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a women owned business, the founder of 9Beach Films will explain why video marketing is a good investment and how it can help your business. She will discuss the types and the unique requirements of video produced for an online audience, what creating a video entails, what makes a video engaging and effective and give you tips on how to get started.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than video must be worth a million.

B.I.G. is an organization that improves the lives of women, by helping women entrepreneurs discover and retain their true purpose and achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Monthly meetings take place in communities throughout the country, where we provide the wholehearted support, education and connections that help our members achieve their dreams. For more information and inspiration, go to

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Management Staff
The Marqui Management Staff members include people who lead our revenue consuming departments such as accounting, customer service, or human resources. Located in Allen, TX the Marqui Management Staff serve as line managers of our organization in an advisory/ support capacity by providing both our clients and employees with valuable information and advice.

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