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Rowayton is a coastal village in Norwalk, Connecticut which is roughly 40 miles from New York City. It is known as one of the wealthiest zip codes in Connecticut and perhaps one of the most expensive communities in the US. According to Forbes, the (2018) Median Home Price is $4,276,462. Perhaps this provides a surprise to local architect Bruce Beinfield of Beinfield Architecture, a construction and property management firm, who wants nothing more than to build his dream home on the land.

The Farm Creek Preserve is 16-acres of low-tide, multi-habit, wooded and open meadowland that was acquired through four transactions dating back to 1992 and was last acquired in 2008. The preserve houses trails and scenic vistas open to the public from dusk til dawn.

It’s no surprise the community got together and protested against the destruction of this land.

The “No House on Farm Creek” Community Initiative

In admiration of the location and beauty, locals formed a petition to prevent this project from occurring and collected 200 signatures.

We, the undersigned, object to the construction of any new structure on the peninsula of land that extends into the MIDDLE of Farm Creek. This land should be considered a part of the Farm Creek Open Space and preserved for generations to come.

The half-acre peninsula that once served as a trolley line to Bayley Beach, juts into the Farm Creek tidal estuary and is an area that is beloved by locals.

  • Residents deluged city officials with emails protesting the project.
  • Pressure continued to build with locals demanding that the land be preserved.
  • was created, a Non-profit board focused on coastal wetlands protection.

Facebook Page

This page is dedicated to the preservation and protection of Farm Creek in Rowayton, CT., Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization founded in 2003.

Farm Creek is an extremely beautiful and peaceful unbroken 16-acre preserve tidal estuary emptying into Long Island Sound. Farm Creek offers quiet, peaceful views of tidal marshes and wildlife.

There’s nothing else like it in Norwalk.

There are multiple street views, walking paths and park benches overlooking Farm Creek.


Since we started as in 2003, we have worked closely with several landowners in the Farm Creek area, including the Norwalk Land Trust (NLT). The NLT owns multiple other properties throughout Norwalk, but Farm Creek has become the jewel in their crown. We support the NLT in whatever limited way we can, as this enlarged preserve is simply the best thing that has happened to the creek. However, as our names are similar, and our aims, although different, overlap in numerous ways, we have frequently been confused with The Campaign by both press and local residents.

So, while our aims are often overlapping, here are the differences between our organizations:

  • The Norwalk Land Trust owns or has under conservation easement some 26 valuable and wonderful properties comprising some 87 acres of land throughout Norwalk, and over the years has accumulated 16 acres of shoreline under trusteeship and conservation around Farm Creek.
  • The Campaign for Farm Creek Preserve was a part of the NLT and raised over $4 million, for their land purchase at 34 Sammis Street on the creek. The “Preserve” comprises the three properties on the creek which are owned or under conservation by the NLT.
  • We,, own no land at all. We try to enhance the ecology of ALL of the Creek and its watershed area by grassroots efforts, persuasion, activism, watchdog activities, education, and let the science do the talking. We continue to work closely with the major waterfront owner, the NLT, as well as other landowners, individuals, and entities that have an influence on the health of the creek. We do own a hose, four five-gallon watering jugs, and lots of energy and enthusiasm.

If you have more information about this event, current or past please contact us or leave your comments below.


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