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Tips On Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts

Even today, social media is a rapidly growing headline-grabbing phenomenon. Instead of using social networking as a tool to directly connect with people, entrepreneurs across the world are frequently trying to find ways to utilize the trend of social networking as a business opportunity.

Studies suggest that social networking sites should be viewed as a complementary device to the presence of businesses to promote success.

Companies should consider the sites as an asset that is valuable and useful in gaining their companies positive attention. In essence social networking sites, when used properly, should not be employed as a replacement to the business traditional online presence.

But the question arises, what is social media?

Social media is a conversation on the Internet. It is a conversation of the organization with its customers, employees, suppliers, investors, critics, and fans.

In a nutshell, it is a conversation with anyone having access to the Internet. However, the discussion is not controlled and organized.

But it is organic and complex, in the form of a human voice.

Thus, it is not a strategy, but merely a mode of reaching out to all the stakeholders of the business.


Why should companies adopt social media?

  • It covers a large audience in a faster, economical and more comfortable manner
  • Helps even small businesses to reach to a broader customer base
  • These channels allow a connect with the stakeholders which enhances the credibility of the firm
  • The best place of connecting with the stakeholders is where they are already talking about things important to them. Thus by joining in the conversation would increase the noticeability of the firm.
  • It allows the company’s website to integrate multimedia such as audio and video which increases the attractiveness of the company
  • It allows users to generate their own content thereby allowing them to interact with each other

How can companies utilize social media?

There are many mediums available for an organization to effectively harness the total potential of social media. The various types of mediums available are as follows:

Companies are now using a wide array of social networking services ranging from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to emails, blogs, and websites to build up interest in their new product or service launch.

There are countless social media sites available in each of the above categories.

The diagram below maps some of them into the social media space.

Best Times to Post Content For Social Media Engagement

Is Social Media perfect? Doesn’t it have any downsides to it?

Like anything else, social media does have its share of limitations. However, most of these limitations vary depending upon the user’s perceptions. The two main disadvantages of this new age media are as follows:

  • Time-Consuming: To leverage on social media, one needs to be connected to its audience all the time. He needs to updated helpful information on the network and should respond to any queries to satisfy the curiosity of the audience otherwise the audience might lose faith in business.
  • Information Overload: With so much information available, there can be a problem of information overload and social networking overload which may cause issues of authenticity and validity of the data may become an issue.


7 Tips for Effective Social Media Optimization

Effective use of SMO can have a tremendous impact on the traffic you generate. Here are some handy tips for efficiently using SMO to your advantage:

  1. First set up fan pages or company groups on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
  2. Engage, inform, and provide information that people can actually use through these platforms
  3. Set up accounts on image sharing sites like Photobucket for image sharing and optimal tagging
  4. Create accounts on social bookmarking sites like Reddit for sharing additional information
  5. Maintain blogs on popular blogging sites
  6. Innovate and communicate for retention and increase of members on social channels and finally
  7. BE ACTIVE! Regular updates on all social sites are imperative.

Whether you want to be a part of this social bandwagon or not is not really a choice now!

The digitalization of this world has brought with it newer ways of connecting with people and changed the way we market and promote.

  • Adapt if you want to move ahead.
  • Stay fresh if you’re going to stay viable.
  • Use SMO effectively if you’re going to succeed in this digital world!

The consumer of today is attracted to campaigns which involve them and connects with them on a much broader level than just emotion.

According to various statistics, social media ads beat the efficacy of advertisements on television and the radio by a considerable number.

Making your voices heard is one right that the audience today strongly believes in, and the social media is offering them many solutions to do so.

Social media has not only played an extremely vital role in creating awareness and enthusiasm amongst the masses but has also helped various organizations to use it as a platform to define their businesses.

In a world where more users rely on social media websites than the television for efficient marketing communication strategies, moving to social media is undoubtedly the smartest thing to do for most businesses.

Michele Thompson
Michele Thompson is the Director of Operations at Marqui Management, an author, entrepreneur and finance coach. She has over twenty years of experience in mortgage banker finance, global investor services, real estate and debt consulting. Coupled with her advanced degrees she drives to help new and existing businesses to reach their goals. Connect with Michele via social media or her website here @ Michele Thompson

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