5 SEO Trends That Will Change The Digital Landscape In 2019

By now, everyone knows about the importance of SEO. It’s the essence of good traffic on your website and should be taken seriously. Without this handy marketing tool, a lot of firms would struggle to keep their business. That being said, like everything else in life, SEO is advancing.

To stay at the top of your game, it’s essential to be one step ahead. Planning the future of your company is essential if you want it to have a sound and secure future. You should be informed of the trends for the upcoming year so that you can keep being the best and outsmart your competition.

1. Optimizing Videos

It’s predictable that videos are going to become a magnet for trafficking in the near future. They just might be the key to increasing traffic on your website. Of course, for this, they’ll have to be coded for keywords. Videos are far more entertaining than images and texts, which is probably the reason why they’re becoming increasingly popular. Your videos should be short enough to grab the user’s attention, but long enough to give them the needed information in an interesting manner. If you want your users to keep coming back, you can have a reoccurring video series.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is for the hook to be introduced at the beginning of the video so as to keep the user watching for the whole duration of the clip. If you’re showing them how to cook something, show the finished product first as this will naturally pique their interest, for example. When it comes to reoccurring bits, make sure to have an interesting enough story which can be made into episodes. Sketches are a good example of this.

The rules for SEO stay the same in this method, too. The better your keywords, the more relevant your videos become.

2. Upgrading Security


Protecting user data should be your top priority in the SEO business. Most people are worried that companies will steal their information and use it for their own benefits. No one wants to visit a website they can’t trust. If your security measures aren’t up to date, it might be the reason you’re not getting enough traffic on your site. People have become so worried about this issue that measures such as the General Data Protection Regulation have been passed. This means that the user is able to share only the information they want to share. Private settings allow them to stay hidden from the rest of the cyber world with no issues.

Still, this isn’t a complete solution to the problem as the Regulation has many vulnerable spots which can be exploited. This is why you should get behind this trend in 2019. There are bound to be more initiatives in the upcoming year, which means you want to be the first to implement them. This will set aside your site as one which cares about its users. More importantly, you’ll easily be proclaimed as a safe website to visit and a safe firm to do business with. All of this is more than beneficial for the traffic on your site. The more time users spend on it, the higher-ranked it becomes.

3. Adapting To Mobile

In this day and age, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile phones, it’s basically useless. More and more people are using their phones to look things up and get the information they need. In fact, mobiles phones have almost completely replaced computers in this aspect. This is why it’s very important for you to get your site available on any mobile device as soon as possible. This method is part of good user experience and will be widely appreciated by your customers.

Most chunks of traffic are missed because sites aren’t optimized to enable mobile phones to visit them. But mobile-first indexing is the trend you should definitely get behind. The most top rated sites on Google are all mobile-optimized.

Mastering mobile SEO is a whole other level of staying in the game and gaining more traffic for your website. Make sure to pay attention to all the features of your website. Sometimes people manage to optimize the text but the images come out wrong. The most important thing to pay attention to might be videos, as they can end up being your whole selling point. If the user can’t see them on their mobile device properly, they won’t get the message and will promptly lose interest.

4. In-Depth Content


The most common advice you’ll get about organizing your website is that the articles shouldn’t be too long. They should only be long enough to get the information through to the reader because of the readers’ short attention span. Though this may work with uninteresting articles, the real issue is here is quality not quantity. The content on your site should be gripping and deep, so the reader will be interested enough to read it regardless of the word count. Most companies have difficulties coming up with such content on their own, though.

Other firms can help you in this aspect as they provide high-quality content for your business’ needs. With that professional help, your website will be elevated to a better quality of content and will, therefore, draw in more users. Being authentic and real is all the rage right now, and users can recognize a serious website which lives up to these standards. The stories and articles should be accommodated with pictures, as this helps retain the reader’s attention and makes the text more easily readable.

5. Better User Experience

If your website isn’t user-friendly, you’re not going to accomplish almost anything. Nobody likes a site which takes ages to load, is full of pop-up ads, and is complicated to get around. Make sure to have an agreeable website design which will just draw your users in more. Use bright but soft colors such as yellow, green or blue to promote serenity and associate yourself with growth, for example.

What’s more, if your website is content heavy, you should find a good way to organize everything. Hyperlinks on pictures work well for this matter. Don’t overload your users with too much information right at the start and instead break off the important parts into easily-readable segments.

Finally, you should maintain your website regularly and keep upgrading it. The speed is most important here. If it takes more than a few seconds for the page to load, you can guarantee your user has already lost their interest. If you’re not sure what exactly your target audience is looking for and how you can improve, you can always ask them via a social network. They’ll appreciate being asked.


As it has become evident, SEO is here to stay.  It’s your job to see it through and keep up with the latest trends as that is the only way to keep being in the game.

Your efforts will surely be rewarded with increased traffic and a lot of happy customers. Just remember that patience is the most important virtue when it comes to SEO, as results are evident, just slowly attainable.

Nick Brown
Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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