6 Marketing Trends That Are Reshaping Ecommerce

There is an important distinction that needs to be made, regarding fads and trends. Namely, a fad is something ephemeral, something that just comes and goes. Trends, on the other hand, are important and concrete. They don’t really go away, they just evolve, or become part of the inherent structure behind something. In other words, fads you can ignore, but trends need to be studied and implemented.

This is perhaps most apparent in marketing, especially in the eCommerce world. Marketing itself is a fast acting and fast-changing realm of business. Constantly evolving, shifting and changing, it always keeps you on your toes. The same thing can be said for the eCommerce world. Since it’s completely online, digital, intangible, it’s always on the move. If you want properly market an eCommerce business, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to focus on the trends that are coming.

1. It’s All About The Subscriptions Now

The newest trend that is taking over the eCommerce world is focused on the subscription-based model. Standard payments are fine, and people still expect to see those as well. However, in this fast-paced and automatized world (and we will talk a bit more on that below), people want to have more control and choices, but also to give it up when they want to. In other words, give up control by having things automatically done for them, but also, to have more options by being presented with more offers and personalized deals.

Subscription-based models attract users who want to have the ability to simply drop using a product if they don’t want to anymore, getting their money’s worth in the process. It gives them some more room to budget their money, and to handle recurring pricing, instead of paying one large lump sum in advance.

2. Evolved Automated Marketing


For some time now automation has been a part of marketing. Email marketing, sending out newsletters and cold calls, as well as the scheduling and posting on social media platforms, all this has been widely used by marketers for a couple of years now. But as we’ve mentioned, trends evolve.

Now, automated marketing encompasses landing pages, shopping carts, and bot assistance. It has evolved now where you can send out specified and customized emails to certain customers, it can retarget customers if you want to utilize targeted product sales, and it can automatically set up these targeted product sales by scanning a visitor’s shopping history.

3. Personalization And Localization Are Key

Personalization and localization are the same thing. Or, rather, localization is just a subset of making ads and marketing more personal. By identifying the IP address of a potential customer or client, you will be able to create better, more targeted, marketing.

And it is this facet of personalization that is becoming more and more prevalent. Marketing within eCommerce is always trying to get closer to the customer, and localization is the hot new trend inside this field. Advertisers and business owners are altering their own content in order to appeal to an individual, and it is all done through localization.

So, you acquire a couple of data points, you check out a customer’s Search Queries, their purchase history, location, and shopping cart. With localization you figure out whether they are, for example, set in Australia. You move from there, then you provide them with localized ads or offers. Offering the services of a company that offers SEO, for example, can be achieved by figuring out where a client’s company is based. The same can be done with specialised products (like swimwear in a coastal region), and can help you avoid a mistake (like marketing a product that is taboo in a specific country).

4. Augmented Reality Is Here To Stay


AR and VR are no longer just toys. Both of these exciting new technologies are being used in the marketing and business world, albeit, AR much more than VR. We believe this will become a trend, or rather, continue to be an even more important trend, due to the fact that it’s simply becoming more and more integrated. Apple announced that their iOS 11 will have an AR kit, and Ikea has already been using it for its stores.

Now, AR allows your customers to visualize products and goods. As we’ve mentioned, Ikea has been using it for some time. You get the right app from this company, and then using your camera, you see how and where you could, for example, place a sofa inside your living room. How the sofa meshes with its surroundings, the clashing (or lack thereof) of colours will be much clearer than simply guessing whether it will be ok. We expect AR to advance much more in this field, and to get new options and forms.

5. New Payment Options

Before, it was strange seeing more than a one or two payment options, credits cards and payment services on any website. Now, there are so many to choose from, any website without this functionality will surely tank. Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the subscription-based system is growing as well. But, the newest trend, one we are certain will take hold in 2019, is one based on crypto-currencies.

Namely, more and more websites allow you to make a purchase with a crypto-currency. Crypto-currencies are here to stay, and of course, it makes sense to allow them to be used as regular currency.

6. Get On The ROPO Train


An interesting trend we expect to show up in 2019 is ROPO. This acronym stands for research online, purchase offline, which is pretty self-explanatory. SO we are, in a way, getting a bit closer to our roots. People always prefer to research and read about their planned purchase online. It’s easier, quicker, and becoming more and more trustworthy. However, buying the actual product offline gives them a sense of control, and makes it all more tangible. People are moving away from the abstract, they are trying to stay as real as they can. In certain areas, while taking own the benefits of digital as much as possible. So you can run your own eCommerce platform, give all the information one needs online, but still facilitate physical purchases for people who want it.


If you want to stay successful, you always need to pay close attention to trends. Some are completely new, something we have never seen before. Other trends are simply an evolution, a direct progression from something that came before. Whatever the case may be, you need to always move forward.

Nick Brown
Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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