The Trends That Are Influencing Architecture In 2019

Emerging Trends That Are Shaping Architecture In 2019

Just take a walk down the streets of almost any city out there, and if you pay attention, you will be able to notice that architectural trends constantly change as time passes by. New ideas are always on the rise, under the influence of not only the matter of artistic statements but also new methods and approaches in term of construction. Of course, there is also the fact that the demographics are fluctuating as well, which means that every new generation or wave is going to have its own architectural vision. Just like office, business, technological, and other trends keep evolving, so do the ones regarding architectural creations.

Buildings have evolved through a wide variety of phases, being made out of wood, brick, iron, glass, and steel. The future in the long-term is impossible to predict, but we can certainly tell which architectural trends are going to shape the current year that we are living in. In this article, we are going to discuss some of them.

Open-Space Design

A trend that you have definitely noticed by now both in residential and commercial buildings is open-space design. It has been around for some time and has been developing and adapting to people’s needs.

The general idea behind it is the fact that the majority of people in offices have a greater desire to be able to talk to each other, exchange ideas, and engage in ways which smaller, closed-off spaces, such as cubicles, make nearly impossible. On the other hand, building residents like to implement open spaces in order to create a feeling of greater spaciousness. There is an abundance of creative solutions to make this possible.

Even though this trend comes with a whole lot of benefits, there is still a need to better construe such spaces. The reason behind this is because the transitional areas within them tend to be bland and lifeless. One of the attempts to fix this is by making the floor have different levels so that the outer limits are a lot more obvious.

Sustainable Buildings

The Trends That Are Influencing Architecture In 2019

It is a fact that buildings are huge consumers of energy, as well as big emitters of CO2. Therefore, one of the obvious trends in architecture focuses on coming up with buildings that are a lot more energy-efficient. Not only that, the idea is to attempt to make homes that consume and leak a much smaller amount of energy.

The dream version of such a concept is a so-called net-zero home that doesn’t consume any energy at all. The way this would be done is not only via decreasing how much energy is consumed but also by making it possible for it to be created at the very location. This could be done by using solar panels.

Still, such an ambitious goal may be too demanding. Yet, architects still strive to construct homes with as many sustainable features as possible. This includes top-notch insulation, systems, and appliances that spend very little energy, multi-pane windows, and the like.

Architecture As A Visual Identity

More than ever, architecture plays the role of presenting the visual identity of a business. This trend has become more popular than ever because it is certainly one of the best ways to show everyone what the company’s values are. People are visual beings, so if the firm’s headquarters have an amazing design in terms of branding and addressing important public issues, such as ecology.

This architectural trend is very powerful in terms of boosting the company’s image, sales, and of course, reputation. It is also very efficient in terms of making the staff feel more motivated and dedicated to the whole vision and cause. It is basically a daily reminder of the reason why they work there.

In order to design such a space, an architect can use a program like AutoCAD, which has been in development for years, evolving along with new architectural trends that come along. By creating 2D and 3D models, it is much easier to envision these kinds of buildings before they are actually built.

The Kitchen As The Focus

The Trends That Are Influencing Architecture In 2019

According to the tradition that has been nourished for a long time, the kitchen is, in fact, the part of the home that sees the most of human daily life. This is the place where everyday meals are prepared, and where the family tends to gather to eat together. However, in certain situations, it has proven to be the best place for people to sit down with their guest and have a drink, or for the children to play.

Therefore, one of the architectural trends that can be seen in 2019 is making the kitchen be the focus of the home. Small kitchens are now mostly in the past. What many people want them to be are big rooms that are connected both with the dining room and the living room. Furthermore, homes that are capable of making this happen are often further added an island in the center which works as a bar for eating breakfast or munching a snack and makes the lounge part stand on its own.

As we can ascertain from this article, contemporary architecture is leaning towards open-space, sustainable, and visually-powerful ideas. Of course, this is all a reflection of modern society’s tendencies, goals, and visions.

Still, just like with every trend out there, it is crucial for every architectural designer to stay up to date with all of the waves of trends that come and go, in order to determine which ones are passing fads, and which ones are there to stay for a while.

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