5 Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Team's Best Work

5 Office Decor Ideas That Will Increase Your Team’s Motivation And Productivity

A huge chunk of our lives is spent at the office. Five days a week, eight hours every day, for years and years. Now, this doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. Slowly, businesses are realizing that the slave driver mentality is not efficient. In fact, the opposite is true. Creating fun, welcoming, and warm work areas are vital. One of the best ways this can be done is by thinking about the office’s décor.

Instead of it being inside a dark, grey, and dreary place, actually invest some money and time into making it pleasant, open, and inviting. Making the office decor more beautiful will improve your people’s morale and motivation, which will directly lead to improving their productivity as well. You will get people who actually look forward to coming to work, and people who will give you one-hundred and twenty percent.

1. Get Some Color In There

One of the easier things you can do to make the office more beautiful is to get a fresh coat of paint everywhere. So instead of being surrounded by boring greys and white, you should take color psychology into account.

The core idea behind color psychology is that colors influence your moods. So, red will give you lots of energy, while blue will relax and soothe you. Yellow is all about optimism and stimulation, while orange makes you enthusiastic. Purple is restful, while black is elegant and sophisticated. Adding traces of silver and light blue will give your employees a sense of innovation and energy.

However, understand that you also need to learn how to combine these colors and how to use them properly. Dark blue can sometimes be depressing, while too bright neon colors will end up being garish, and will steal away people’s attention.

Furthermore, know that you don’t really have to repaint the entire office (though this will most likely give you the best results). Some decorative accents, like pillows, paintings, a mouse pad, or furniture if you can afford it – these can all do wonders.

2. Add Some Plants

A thing as simple as office plants can do a lot for the workplace. There are many benefits you can get from plants in your workspace, ranging from health effects to increased morale. Namely, work today is staring at the screen for many hours at a time. Looking away from the screen, and towards something green, something that comes from nature provides a quick mood boost. It serves as a reminder that we are living, breathing creatures, and that we are part of the natural world.

The other, more concrete and exact benefit is simply having more oxygen. Vegetation in an office helps with reducing the amount of CO2, increasing oxygen levels, and so improving the air quality in this area. This all then leads to a decrease in fatigue, anger, and tension.

3. Let People Personalize

5 Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Team's Best Work

On a lighter, more personal level, you should allow (or rather, encourage) people to take in and post images of their loved ones, personal items, mementos, keepsakes, even symbols of their faith. In this manner, you show people that you care about them and that you respect and acknowledge their beliefs and their personal lives.

You will gain two connected benefits from allowing this. First, people will feel appreciated and respected much more, and they will understand you see them as something more than just worker drones. Second, the employees themselves will become more motivated and relaxed. Having a constant reminder of the world outside of the office, their family and spiritual life will do wonders for motivation.

Finally, you get an office representing many walks of life, many lives. You all get reminders, even (or especially) during the most difficult and stressful days at the office.

4. Lighting Is Very Important

The amount, and type, of light you have at your office is very important for productivity and motivation. Namely, first, you want to get as much natural light as possible. If you have the option, set up your windows, install a skylight, do everything you can to get the right amount of natural light in there. Of course, if you don’t have these options, at least keep the blinds open, maybe install some modern window awnings that you can retract or erect whenever you want… Natural light has many benefits; all centered around people’s moods and their productivity.

You should also think about the actual artificial lighting you have. For the love of all that is holy, do not get neon tubes. Just the buzzing alone can drive people crazy, and the light used is the opposite of natural. Try to get light bulbs that are closer to natural light, in warmer light “temperatures.” Dimmer lighting will encourage creativity, while brighter lighting is great for analytical thought processes.

5. Art, Decorations, and Accessories

Adding some nice art pieces can get the creative juices flowing. Spending so much time away from home, and in your cubicle, will really make you want to look at something else besides the screen. And while we have already suggested you paint the office differently, some art pieces can give you great effects as well.

Some nice accessories can also liven up the place; a colorful calendar here, a fancy mug there. Choosing colorful and prettier versions of tools and items you use to organize the place (like trays or pencil holders, for example) can mean the world. A mason jar in which you hold your pens, maybe a craft beer can with interesting design – it’s the little things that matter.

Conclusion: The Benefits Of Improving Your Office Decor

By improving and working on your office decor, you will make your workspace more beautiful and more productive. People will enjoy the time they spend at the office much more, and they will become more engaged and motivated. So, think about how the lighting within your area is set up, and whether it will help your people out. Get some decorations and art in there, and encourage people to personalize their areas.

Finally, think about the colors that surround you, and how you can improve upon them. Get the right paint job and colors, or just some specific accents, and you will be as right as rain.

Sarah Jessica Smith
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