Strategic Planning Of Productivity & Employee Happiness As A Business Goal

Strategic Planning Of Productivity & Employee Happiness

The base of all successful businesses is their employees. Without your team of hardworking and dedicated individuals, you’d be nowhere. They’re the ones that understand the processes and products of your firm better than anyone, and the ones that keep things running. That being said, it’s time to give back to your workers and show them you appreciate all the hard work.

Creating a relaxed and stress-free environment is the best way to give back and show you care. When you put your employees’ happiness at the top of your priority list, you’re nurturing feelings of respect, confidence, motivation, and determination. In other words, you’re cultivating your own garden of productivity.

1. Building Relationships As A Team

Building relationships is key to having a cohesive team who works well together on every project. When people get on well, feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, and stress are virtually non-existent. The best way to bring your team together is with team building activities. Of course, don’t opt for something overdone like sitting in a circle and using the waning powers of ice breakers. Instead, get your team out of the office!

When people are outside the office, they let their guard down, and they’re more open to each other. What’s more, participating in something together gives them something in common. Common ground is key to building relationships and having a joyful and productive office. No matter how different people on your team are, they’ll always have that karaoke night together. They’ll always remember laughing together, the terrible singing, and all the bonding. You can be sure they’ll bring these positive feelings into the office each day.

2. Nurturing A Community

The matter of the fact is, people are happy when they feel like they belong. If you create a community instead of just an office, the feeling of happiness will never go away. People like knowing that they’re a part of a team and that they belong to something bigger than themselves. You can nurture a community attitude by encouraging collaboration instead of competition.

As well as that, your workers should have each other’s back. People should know that they have someone to lean on when times get tough. The best way to teach them this is to lead by example. Be a kind boss, help them when they need it, and verbalize how important a sense of community is for you. Soon enough, your employees won’t see each other as competition. Instead, they’ll know they’ve got a second family in the office that accepts them for who they are and that pushes them to do their best.

3. Let The Office Speak For You

The way you design your office can greatly increase productivity. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. You know as much as they do that the environment you spend time in has the power to motivate or demotivate you to work. Instead of confiding them to cubicles and making the workplace even darker and gloomier, you should strive towards an open office design.

By hiring a draftsman and an architect, you’ll be able to get the most out of your office. They’ll draw a detailed sketch of what your office should look like if you want to encourage collaboration and make it easier for positive vibes to flow. Don’t be surprised if they suggest enlarging the windows, too, because natural light has very positive effects on the mind. When the office design speaks of freedom and collaboration, so will your employees.

4. Feedback As A Bridge Of Communication

The most common cause of frustration in the workplace is not getting feedback. An employee could be doing their best and wondering why they haven’t even gotten a pat on the back. On the other hand, they could be doing their worst and not have any idea about it. In the first scenario, the employee will start to feel unappreciated and the quality of work and productivity will gradually lower.

In the second one, they’ll eventually get fired and wonder why. Communication is key to solving these issues and making sure neither of these scenarios happen. Give your employees regular feedback! Tell them when they’re doing well, and give them tips on how they can improve. This way, your people will have a realistic image of their performance and skills.

They’ll know exactly where they are and what they need to do to keep improving. As well as that, don’t be afraid of feedback yourself. Look at that as a chance to improve alongside your employees. This way you’ll be making your firm stronger day by day and ensuring happiness isn’t only a concept.

Conclusion: Employee Productivity & Happiness

Running a business is all about being one step ahead: one step ahead of the competition, one step ahead in the office, and one step ahead of office trends regarding productivity. When you treat your employees as people and not robots, meet their needs, and give them reasons to be happy, you’re getting a lot in return. There’s nothing stronger than a firm with a loyal and devoted team who love their boss as much as the boss loves them.

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